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Season 2: Episode 29

Hello readers,

We hope you had a nice Mother’s Day this weekend.  While the weekend weather was a total washout, the skies are allegedly supposed to be clearing and the heat is coming!  It’s a classic New England winter direct to summer weather pattern.  Break out the flip flops and Hawaiian shirts!

Seniors staircase


This is the Class of 2017’s last week of classes at Winchester High School!  Even though I have only been here this year, the fondness and high regard that this class is held in the eyes of our staff is clear and obvious.  They have built a positive and lasting legacy that they will leave behind for others to follow and that, in my opinion, is the highest compliment that I can pay them.  The Class of 2017 did things the right way.  They will be surely missed but never forgotten as they go on to the next step in their futures!

We have a VERY busy week coming up.  At the very least, we have the sophomore class taking the Math MCAS, MCAS Math + Science, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday night we have the Senior Awards ceremony, Class of 2017 Events, in the auditorium. Then we have all students taking the online YRBS, HS Parent form 2017 YRBS (see Opt Out), in their math classes on Thursday.   We will provide chrome books but students will be able to take the survey on ANY electronic device (tablets, laptops, phones) they own.

Aspen Grade Update:  All Q4 grades will be brought up to date in Aspen by the end of the week for all students.

Red & Black:  Enjoy the April Fool’s edition of the online Red & Black.  WBZ, channel 4,  coverage of Winchester Choir is included in this edition.–

Enka and Parking:  As a reminder, the ENKA Fair is coming this weekend.  I will be in the dunk tank this Friday night.  Good times!  Skillings road is about to get blocked off for staging.  All students have been informed via announcements and flyers.

Substance Abuse seminar:  June 3rd at the Schepens Eye Research Institute.  Please see the flyer for more information.  June 3rd Free Substance Abuse Seminar

Vaping: Vaping with Logo More information about the ever growing and dangerous trend of vaping.  This useful one sheet was created by the Coalition for a Safer Winchester Community.

Our WHS Wrestling team is having their second annual mattress fund raiser.   LINCOLN FLYER

Art Show Announcement:


SHAstasaurus;   The 2017 Senior Honors Art Thesis Exhibition.  This year’s show features the most recent work of the Senior Honors Art class of 2017;  Stevie Ceruolo, Pat Costello, Alyssa Doocey, Billy Harrington, Kathleen Kirk, Kate McPhee, Matt Norberg, Hannah Serpa, Annabel Springer, Davanda Williamson and Sharon Xiang

The show will be on view in the Library from now until Friday May 18th.

CTC Lecture Series update:  We really appreciate everyone, especially WFEE, who supported this new program and look forward to building on it in the coming years.  This year, our pilot year, we were able to run the following lectures and workshops:

  • Brian Knepp (11/9/16)- Lecture media artist whose works range from large-scale interactive installations to microscopic sculptures.
  • Deren Guler (11/23/16)- Wearable Electronics Workshop
  • Jared Mezzocchi – Improv Workshop using Isadora software
  • Nathalie Miebach  (3/8/17) – Lecture on intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations using traditional basket weaving techniques
  • Jeff Lieberman (2/16/17) – Lecture combining his passions for art and science in ways that reveal how one influences the other
  • Regie Gibson and the Speakeasy Project- Shakespeare to Hip-Hop Authorfest
  • Andrew Hylnski – Ableton Live Workshops – Music and the physics of sound
  • Dr Mukai (5/6/17)- Lecture on Ophthalmology and iPhone App

Winchester Got Lunch: StarKist, Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, Tuna in a can, one- maybe three? Whatever you can donate, bring it in to School. The WGL Kids will think you’re super cool!

Winchester Got Lunch volunteer sign up:  If you are interested in an easy and quick way to volunteer this summer, Winchester Got Lunch is looking for students to help on Monday mornings and every other Thursday afternoon. It is not a commitment for the entire summer; help out on the the days you are available!  Sign up to volunteer  at:

Thank you for reading and have a great weak!



Spring Sports Schedule: 

5/15 – PISC

5/16-17 MCAS Math –  See schedule MCAS Math + Science

5/17 – Senior awards night WHS Senior Events Presentation

5/18 – YRBS HS Parent form 2017 YRBS

5/19 – Last Day for Seniors

5/19 – Enka Fair



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