Team WHS

Season 2: Episode 24

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month?  In April, you may see blue lights where you don’t normally see them (street lights, public areas like parks, art displays) or public objects painted blue (benches, walls, rocks) all to bring awareness to Autism and what our friends, family members, students and neighbors who have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum go through on a day to day  basis.

Saturday night my family and I attended an art show at Leslie College as a good friend of our families was the curator.  While wine and cheese was indeed available, this was not your typical art gallery evening.  All art on display was produced  by students who are on the autism spectrum.

The display, which is open to the public until April 14th, is titled “3 Artists: Celebrating Autism”

Some of the art on display at the Leslie College Art Show


The evening was enlightening as it reminded me always focusing on traditional measures to gauge ability, talent or achievement will mean missing a number of students who can be very successful in their own unique ways.  Success and expression of self and personal happiness are different for every person and can be displayed in ways that are wildly varied.  The most striking reminder of this was the art displayed by one of the students that evening.  This gentlemen is what we call “non-verbal”.  Meaning he does not have a typical (voice, hand movements, facial expression etc.) ways to express himself.  Instead, this student actually draws amazing renditions of Disney characters in order to have his emotions make sense to people.   He spent most of his life not being able to communicate until this talent was revealed, understood and supported.


Hearing about this young artists’ story reminded me that all of our students have abilities and talents and for many they have yet to reveal themselves.  With patience, an open mind, support and a willingness to think creatively we can help all our students find ways to express themselves and reveal their hidden talents.

Autism Awareness Month:  LIUBlue-flyer  Light It Up Blue Winchester! Month

Protecting the rights of and facilitating inclusion for people of all abilities

Sponsored by the Winchester Disability Access Commission, Co-Sponsored by the Winchester MultiCultural Network and Brio Integrated Theatre.

7 Continents, 101 countries, 1300 cities, 8400 landmarks and buildings, even the international space station are taking part.  You can show your support by wearing BLUE.  Speakers, puppet show, coffee & blue donuts.  April 6th @ 7:00 PM, Winchester Town Hall
Choral concert:  This week!

Spring Concert

Speak About It:  Speak About It 16_17  A performance and discussion about healthy relationships, sex, communication, boundaries, safety, and consent.

Sponsored by:Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community in Partnership with Community Youth Leaders

Who: Juniors and Seniors

Where: FirstCongregational Church, Chidley Hall-2ndFloor 21 Church Street, Winchester, MA (church on the common)

When:  Wednesday April 12th, 2017, 6:30 pm Dinner, 7:00 pm Performance and Discussion.  There is NO charge for the event.  RSVP to:

Class of 2019 Dance: This Friday, 4/7, the sophomore class will be having their dance at Town Hall.  Tickets will be available at WHS.

Authorfest!  Just a reminder that we will have Regie Gibson and the Speakeasy Project coming for Authorfest this year.  Authorfest is on April 4th which is a Day 7. There will be three performances in the auditorium during C Block, D Block and E Block.  Shakespeare to Hiphop 1 sheet v2


Winchester Rotary Club is Looking for sophomores and juniors interested in building leadership skills.  The Winchester Rotary Club will sponsor five students to participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  The experience takes place the weekend of June 2-4 at Camp Rotary in Boxford, MA.  Eighty students from across Boston and the north shore are selected to participate. Every waking minute is packed with a variety of leadership activities.  The activities are amazing.  Some are physical, some intellectual, some emotional– all take a team to complete.

To apply, submit the application form, found in the main office, no later than Saturday, April 15.  Students pay a $20 application fee and provide transportation to and from the program.  All other costs are covered by the Winchester Rotary Club.  Five deserving students from Winchester will be selected to attend.  2017-ryla-student-application-1

Have a great week everyone!


Dennis Mahoney

Spring Sports Schedule:

Authorfest: 4/4 

WHS Spring Chorus Concert: 4/4 @ 7 PM WHS auditorium

End of Q3 4/6 (change reflects our snow days)

2019 Dance: 4/7, Town Hall

Speak About It: 4/12, Town Hall

Q3 Report Cards will be uploaded to Aspen on April 26th


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