Team WHS

Season 2: Episode 22

The last day of the Q3 term has been extended due to our 4 snow days.  Please see below.

It’s our ELA MCAS week!  Thank you to Ms. Conis and Mr. Chapman for working tirelessly on the organization of this week.  Our students should have minimal confusion and be as de-stressed, as possible, during this week because of their efforts.

This quote from the Washington Post sums up my opinion of the MCAS for those who are wondering.  While I do see the MCAS as a necessary part of what we do, it is important to be mindful of what these “tests don’t measure: creativity, critical thinking, resilience, motivation, persistence, curiosity, empathy, self-discipline, leadership, courage, compassion, civic-mindedness, honesty, and integrity.”  I believe that these values, though not easily measured, are more important than what the MCAS test results tell us.  As always, we will continue to support all WHS students in doing well in all their courses, but we should also not lose sight of what truly matters most in life.

Shrek!  The Musical:  Congratulations to our cast, crew,  Mrs. Martin, our support staff and everyone involved with this year’s spring musical Shrek!  I enjoyed the play so much!  And my son’s, who are a tough crowd when there is nothing that explodes or has lasers, absolutely loved the show.  It was also great to see so many staff members and their families at the show as well.  Such a show of support for our kids is really fantastic.  We will be sure to post pictures when we have them but due to copyright issues they will be delayed.



Model UN:  Our Model UN team, representing Nigeria, is coming home from NHSMUN with an Award of Merit.  Only one of 15 schools to receive an award.  Thank you to Mr. Kurhajetz for giving up his weekend and traveling with these kids.

Model UN representing Nigeria in NYC

The February issue of Red & Black is online.

Congratulations to all of our visual and literary artists from WHS who were recognized and awarded keys for their achievement at this year’s Scholastic Art Awards.  Below is a link to an article from the Globe celebrating artists at schools throughout MA.

Spring String and Band performance:  Join us for the annual Spring String and Band Fling! Thursday, March 23rd @ McCall Middle School.  Strings begin at 6PM.  Bands begin at 7:30 PM.  The Spring Fling features all major instrumental ensembles of the Winchester Public Schools from Grades 3-12.

Women in Engineering:  There are two STEM summer opportunities for our young WHS women in high school:


  • Dates: July 10 – August 11, 2017, M-F from 9:00-3:00
  • Grade Level: Young women from greater Boston high schools who will be entering their sophomore or junior year in fall 2017 (current freshmen and sophomores)
  • Cost: $100 Registration fee paid upon acceptance
  • Application Deadline: May 1, 2017

Codebreakers is a four-week, summer program providing young women who are currently either freshmen or sophomores in high school with an introduction to the fundamentals of cyber security and computer science. Graduate and undergraduate coordinators will teach participants how to apply basic security concepts through gaming, modeling, and simulation development. Students will learn how to program in Python, as well as learn about topics such as robotics, digital forensics, cryptography, network vulnerabilities, and cyberethics. The program will include a variety of guest speakers, as well as field trips. Lunch is provided each day. No background or experience in cyber security or computer programming is needed in order to apply, only interest and enthusiasm in learning more about the subject. For more information and to apply, go to

2) GROW (Greater Boston Research Opportunities for Young Women)

  • Dates: June 26-29 and July 5 – August 11, 2017 M-F from 9:30-4:30 (six weeks plus two-day orientation)
  • Grade Level: Young women from greater Boston high schools who will be entering their senior year in fall 2017
  • Must be 16 years old by July 1, 2017
  • Must live within 30 miles and be able to commute to BU every day
  • Deadline for Applications:  May 1, 2017

GROW is a six-week paid research internship for young women who are seriously interested in STEM careers. Participants can earn a stipend of up to $1500 for completion of all program requirements.  Accepted students will be placed in a biology, chemistry or engineering lab where they will participate in cutting edge research in a collaborative group session. Participants will be part of a cohort that meets several times a week with a Program Coordinator who will coach them on how to reach their research goals and help prepare them to present their research at a summer symposium. Participants will also visit local pharmaceutical or biotech companies and learn about careers in STEM fields. For more information and to apply, go to:

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


MCAS ELA testing: 3/21 – 3/23

Spring String and Band Fling: 3/23 @ McCall, 6 pm

End of Q3 4/6 (change reflects our snow days)

Final Q3 grades will be due on Monday, April 24th




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