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Season 2:  Episode 14

Hello WHS Families-

Welcome to the new calendar year.  Our students have done a great job transitioning back to school and reconnecting with their friends and our staff.

Since this time of year inspires people to set goals (I prefer the word goals over resolutions), I thought I would once again share one of the main goals I have for WHS, besides surviving my first year, of course.  The reduction of student stress has and will remain my constant focus.  This is not an easy goal because, as we know, stress or specific stressors can be different for each individual.  That being said, we will continue to try a variety of ways to reach all of our students that need help and even those who may not think that they do.     

We are working on moving all of our current anti-stress initiatives to after school.  Our students have spoke, and they have told us that the mornings just don’t work for them.  We listened, and we are making changes to get our yoga and meditation classes to meet at 2:45 pm during the week, and we hope that over the next few years that we can weave these initiatives into our school day.

At a recent faculty meeting, we discussed the conundrum of students sometimes being given multiple (3 or more) exams/assessments on the same day.  We talked about what we can do, realistically, to help our students who may find themselves overwhelmed by this situation.  After we processed the pros and cons of many different ideas, most teachers agreed that the best way to help our students is to remind them that that if they need help, if they need support, that they just need to ask.  Many teachers felt that they could possibly be flexible with their exam dates or deadlines if a student asked for help and told the teachers what they are going through.  This discussion also reminded our faculty that helping students advocate for themselves is not only a part of stress reduction, but it also helps our students build independence and self-advocacy, vital skills they will need as they leave WHS and enter into their adult lives. We ask for your support in discussing this with your student(s) and reminding them that our staff are here to help and willing to support them when they need it.

We are also currently working on some very exciting initiatives for next year around making some small changes that we hope will have subtle but powerful results.  Please stay tuned for those announcements over the next few months. We will continue to try different things and experiment as we explore ways to reach our students.

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Congratulations to WHS Varsity Wrestling Coach Tremblay on being the winningest wrestling coach in Massachusetts history with 682 wins and counting!  Coach Tremblay was honored this weekend for this significant accomplishment.

Coach Tremblay and just a few of the thousands he has coached.

The WHS sports schedule can be found at

Improv/Performance and Interactive Media Workshop on Jan 17th from 11:00-1:00 pm in the WHS Library with Jared Mezzocchi is not to be missed!


The UN Club has a conference Jan 26-29 at the Sheraton Boston.

The ARDUINO Project for Italian IV and AP classes will be running on certain days from 1/30 to 2/14

The French field trip group is going to Montreal and Quebec City from Feb 19-23

Midyear exams will run from 1/17 to 1/20


Q2/S1 Grades close on 1/20

Report Cards will be issued via Aspen on 2/1

2018 Course Recommendations from teaches will begin on 2/1 

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


– Dennis


From DESE: Office Hours on Proposed Revisions to ELA and Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks:  In addition to in-person office hours for curriculum leaders, ESE will hold four conference call office hours sessions for pre-K-12 and higher education faculty, administrators, the general public, students, and parents/guardians on proposed changes to the 2011 English language arts/literacy and mathematics curriculum frameworks during the public comment period, which is open until February 17, 2017.

Sessions will begin with an overview of the proposed changes to both the English language arts/literacy and mathematics framework drafts. There will be time in each session for callers to give ESE staff their comments on the proposed changes and to ask questions about either the mathematics framework (January 12 and 25) or the English language arts/literacy framework (January 18 and February 2).

Registration information, framework drafts, quick reference guides, and grade-by-grade tables of the proposed revisions are available on ESE’s English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics Standards Review website.  

The schedule and subject area for the calls are listed below, and each call will run from 3-4 p.m. Registered participants will be sent a PowerPoint presentation and call-in information a few days prior to their session.




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