Team WHS Blog

Season 2: Episode 13

Welcome back readers,

8 school days to go before the break!

Congratulations to Mr. Buford and all of our chorus singers for the wonderful night of chorus they put on last Thursday night.  The kids were outstanding, as they always are, and the night was festive and enjoyable.  It was also great to see so many faculty in attendance supporting our singers.



Speaking of singing…we had professional opera singers visit us from Italy last week.  Our students taking Italian or music classes attended a 30 minute show that was generously funded by the Italian consulate.


A BIG thank you to our generous PFA for providing a fantastic breakfast last week!  The entire staff really appreciates the continued support.  I ate my weight in ham and quiche!



On Friday, I attended a thought-provoking seminar with many of the high school principals from the Middlesex League.  The presentation focused on starting school later for high school students.  The hard science and data (I got to geek out!) surrounding the teenage sleep cycle and circadian rhythm was very interesting.  A number of responses and facts gained my attention and opened my mind to some of my preconceived notions.  I may soon be able to share some of the slides from that presentation out to you.

The Red and Black has a new version out for reading:

Thank you, Mr. Moriarty and our student contributors for putting this together!

12/22 Schedule:  12/22 is a full day of school.  We will be in Day 7.  We will not be changing the schedule.  The WHSGB assemblies will take place during E Block.  30 minutes for grades 09 and 10 and 30 minutes for grades 11 and 12.   I will be sure to tweet out as many pictures as possible and we will write about the event in this blog space.


WHSGB Update:

We are very very close to our school-wide goal and it’s coming down to the wire now.  Please promote this cause in any way you are able.  Gerry Skinder will be playing live at the First Pub on Tuesday 12/13 from 8-10 pm with a former WHS grad!  All donations that he receives he will generously donate to WHSGB! We hope to see you there!!!


Winter sports are now in full swing:

Thank you for reading,

Dennis Mahoney


Upcoming Events:


WHSGB assemblies 12/22

Holiday break 12/23 (Day OFF!)


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