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Season 2: Episode 12

We have guest bloggers this week!  Mrs. Krysten Beauchesne and  Mrs. Stephanie Younker have asked that we get the word out for our annual WHS Gives Back Program (aka WHSGB.)


“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to WHSGB for helping my family during  the holiday season. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful community that truly cares about each other. The kindness that has been shown to my family warms my heart.”  

parent who has benefited from WHSGB

The 2015-16 Gifts

What started off as a senior class project for the Class of 2013 has grown into a school-wide collaboration! In its 5th year, WHS Gives Back is well underway and is looking for volunteers and donations!  We have only raised a little over $2,000 so far and there are less than 2 weeks to donate! If each student donates j $10.00, we will reach  our goal.

Each year, WHS works together to raise money and buy gifts for children during the holiday season.  The first year WHS managed to raise $5,000.   

But they didn’t stop there- each year we  have raised just about $2,000 more than our initial total.

Last year, our tally was a whopping $11, 769.36!!!  

Total money raised and given in 2015-16

It was an incredible year and a wonderful feeling knowing that each and everyone one of us was able to give back to families in need during the holiday season.  WHS graduate Dan Hayes (class of 2016) , one of the student organizers behind the project last year,  said “WHS Gives Back gives students the chance to reflect on how lucky we are and to come together as a community to help children who are less fortunate.”

On December 19th student volunteers from each C Block class at WHS  will receive a Target gift card along with the age, gender and a wishlist of a child. Wish lists usually include, winter clothing, socks, games and books. All families this year are coming from the Winchester community.   We are hoping to get everyone’s needs met this holiday season.

After the students go shopping, their classes can come to the cafeteria on 12/22 and wrap the gifts that they personally chose for their child.  Later that day the music department puts on a holiday concert and everyone has a chance to see just what a difference they have made.

Thank you so much for your help during the holidays.  It really helps people like myself who are disabled and can not give our children the exact things they always want.  Thank you for the smiles on my children’s faces this holiday season. Many blessings.”

– parent who has benefited from WHSGB

This year we are hoping to raise just as much, if not more!  

We started collecting donations on Nov, 9th and have only made a little over $2,000 thus far this year.  We will be collecting money until Wednesday Dec 14th.  A donation of any quantity would be much appreciated.  Donations in the forms of cash or checks (made out to WHS) can be dropped in the box near the main office or donated by students in class every second period.

Thank you for your help and generosity!

To contact us, please email:

To volunteer, please sign up on the form:


Thank you so much to our staff and students for creating and carrying on a very important community building and community focused event.


3 weeks to break!

Upcoming Events:

PFA meeting 12/5 @7 pm in the WHS Library

YOG 2019 Class Dinner 12/6

YOG 2020 Class Dinner 12/7

Winter Choral Concert 12/8

Mid-term grades are due to be posted in Aspen 12/09

WHSGB 12/22

Holiday break 12/23 (No school)






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