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Season 2:  Episode 8


Today we had our special presentation that has been generously funded by our Coalition for a Safer Community.  “The Gift of Failure” guest speaker Jessica Lahey and her program spoke to our students in the class of 2020 today during last block.

Mrs. Lahey will also be speaking with parents and community members at WHS @ 7 pm.


Congratulations to class of 2017 student Philip Marks for winning the coveted Principal’s Parking Spot raffle at last Friday night’s Senior Class fundraiser.  Philip will be able to use Mr. Mahoney’s parking spot for the entire month of November.  Enjoy the location Philip!


Our RAD training class for girls completed this week in Physical Education.

From our Guidance Department:                                                                                                     The November issue of the Guide is attached and available for download on the Guidance page.  Please see your child’s guidance counselor with any questions.
The GuideNov 2016.pdf

From the Creative Technology Center:                                                                                          Ms. Zampatella, Ms. Grace and Mr. Hackett are proud to announce a Creative Technology Lecture Series.  The goal is to bring in guest lecturers whose work bridges the arts, sciences, mathematics, and humanities.  The first lecture will be held Wednesday, November 9 in the WHS Library from 2:30 – 3:30 PM.  Feature artist Brian Knep whose work explores artificial intelligence, biology, engineering, and art will be WHS’ guest.

Brian’s ‘Healing Series’ “are interactive floor projections with patterns that change in response to visitors. When visitors walk across, the patterns pull away, creating wounds. When left alone, the patterns grow to cover these wounds. In each of the pieces, however the patterns grow back in different ways.” (From Brian’s website)

Our students John Clewley and Ana Watson have designed posters for the event (attached in this email).  We hope to cast a wide net and bring as many community members to the lecture as possible.  Please join us and feel free to use the event as a curriculum opportunity!

To see a video of Brian’s Healing Series, click here.

A special non-profit promotion:                                                                                                School the World is a nonprofit organization that builds schools and playgrounds in rural communities in Guatemala. Service Learning is the key to School the World’s success, and over 80 Winchester students have participated in their trips in the past! Go to to apply! There are openings for February break, April break, and July trips! 

Meet our newest Sachems:


Name:  Lisa Berard

What do you do at WHS? 

Special Education Supervisor

Where did you grow up? 

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Where did you go to school or college? 

Undergraduate- Marquette University

Graduate- Boston University, UMass Boston

Why did you come to Winchester?

Since I first began working in schools, as a school psychologist, I worked for the Weymouth Public Schools. I loved working in Weymouth.  I loved the students, the families, and all my fellow colleagues.  That being said, I am in a doctoral program and wanted to explore working within other districts during this time.  I was looking for another place that I loved just the same way I did Weymouth.  When I came for my interview, I knew Winchester could be that place.  I could tell just how much every person I met cared about students and cared about education and I knew it was the right place for me to work.  I am truly grateful to be here!

What is an interesting fact?

I have three beautiful children whom I love more than life!

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read?

Favorite quote-“The race is not won to the swiftest but to those that keep on running.”

Last Book- I am always reading for program I am studying in.  I am taking Teaching, Learning and Curriculum this semester and the last book I read was “Red Pedagogy.”


Thank you to all for a fantastic first quarter!


Dennis Mahoney


11/4 Close of Quarter 1 grades

11/8 No School.  Professional Development for WPS staff

11/11 No School.  Veterans Day

11/13 Fenway Park Spartan Race community event (Sunday @ 1 pm)

11/17 Class of 2020 goes to the North Shore Music Theater for West Side Story (day event)

11/17 School play “Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery” (night event @WHS)

11/17 Class of 2020 goes to the North Shore Music Theater for West Side Story (day event)

11/21 – 11/23 Spirit Week

11/23 ½ Day + Pep Rally

11/24 + 25 No School






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