Principal Musings…June Edition

Dear Winchester High Families,
It is hard to believe that June is here and we are busy planning our end of the year activities.  Our Senior class will be moving on at the end of this week and it has been a great year getting to know these amazing students.  As they move on to the next chapter in their lives, I hope that the lessons they have learned within these halls will serve them well.
This year, I have been honored to serve as the Interim Principal of Winchester High School.  I have often written of “grit,”  of resiliency, and of a growth mindset in my monthly musings.  I have learned first hand of the power of resiliency.  I too adopted a major growth mindset by agreeing to leave the Lynch School at a very late date and come and serve as the leader of Winchester High this year.  I have learned first hand that we can grow at any age.  We can bring a sense of adventure and discovery to all of our work and relationships in our lives.  I urge our Sachems to look at this growth mindset and grit philosophy in order to seek to grow, learn and self-evaluate along their way.
Dr. Angela Duckworth has truly made a career around the discussion of grit and how to build resiliency.  She has some questions that you can ask to assess your grit:
  1. I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge.
  2. New idea and projects sometimes distract me.
  3. My interests change from year to year.
  4. Setbacks don’t discourage me.
  5. I am a hard worker.
  6. I often set a goal but later change my mind.
  7. I have difficulty maintaining my focus on projects that are lengthy.
  8. I finish what I begin.
  9. I have achieved a goal that took years to work on.
  10. I am diligent.
I hope you look to this list as a road map of which to help you on your journey.  Be that hard worker.  Stick to your goals and ask for help along the way.  Make the people in your lives proud but more importantly be proud of yourself!
As I finish my days here as a Sachem (and indeed as a member of this wonderful Winchester community), I wish to thank the many thousands of students and families that I have been honored to meet and work with.  You have helped me to continue to grow and develop.  In addition, I would like to thank the many, many talented educators that I have worked with from every school in Winchester.  You have made me be a better educator and indeed a better person.

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