Monday Memo #34 Reposted

Monday Memo–Edition #34

May 23,  2016

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Hello WHS,

Congratulations to our Class of 2016 who finished up their regular school days last week.  At the Senior Awards last week, we had a record number of awards with over 140 awards that were presented.  This has been a wonderful and talented class.  We look forward to good decisions and safe celebrations as we finish up senior finals next week before Senior Week with fun starting at the prom on June 1st.

Monday Updates:

  1. Congratulation to our own Mr. John Fleming.  John is WFEE’s First Annual Sarah Swiger award winner.  This award given in former School Committee Member, Sarah Swiger’s memory is given to staff who exemplify her commitment to students, passion for outstanding teaching, devotion  to community service, and innovative teaching practices.  We are proud of John as we believe that Sarah would also be proud that John is the first award winner.
  2. Don’t forget #GotYourBack sponsored by the Coalition.  If you see someone who you think may have overdosed or have alcohol poisoning please follow these important steps:
    1. Try and Wake them Up…if not CALL 911.
    2. Check their skin.  If it is pale or clammy, CALL 911.
    3. Check their breathing.  If it is not regular, CALL 911.

Let’s all work together to keep everyone safe today and everyday.  

  1.      Caps and Gowns for seniors will only be distributed after senior obligations are complete.  

Thank you!

Combat Robotics team attended the  National Competition this past weekend-


The WHSCombat Robotics team competed at the 2016 National Robotics LeagueNational

Competition at California University in Pennsylvania on May 21st.  WHS students have

designed and built remote controlled robots that will face-off in a gladiator-style

competition.  This year, WHS competed with two robots.  Representing WHS at the

competition are seniors, Jefferson Kim (team captain), Scott Czeck (co-captain), Kyle

Hopp, and Max Rebentish and juniors, Chris Kang and Philip Tegmark.

  1.        STEM Certificate

On May 13, WHS Senior Asavari Scarf successfully completed the

requirements for the Winchester High School STEM Certificate by presenting her STEM

Project on the Study of Mutations in Lung Cancer.  In addition to this presentation, Asavari

also completed 4 years of math and science, 4 approved STEM courses, and a 30-hour

internship at Lawrence General Hospital.  Please join us in congratulating Asavari in this

accomplishment.  Interested in earning the STEM Certificate?  For those

underclassmen who are interested in earning the STEM Certificate,  some of the

requirements have changed.  Please checkout the STEM Program website at or by talking to Mrs. Grace in the library.   There will also be an

informational meeting on Monday, May 23rd for all students interested in earning the


Weekly Shout Outs:

  1. Congratulations to Alexandra Martirosian, Chris Kuang, Rachel Donaldson, Sean Gai, and Kendall Zhu who all received National Merit Scholarships.
  2. Congratulation to Melissa Zavez who is the winner of the Winchester Republican Town Committee Essay Contest.  
  3. Congratulations to Artyom Martirosyan who won first prize in the 2015 Italian Heritage Contest.  

Older Updates:

  1. Graduation update-As you may realize, our graduation will take place on the Knowlton Stadium field behind McCall.   As it is a turf field, we have been asked to ask graduates and guests on field not to wear heels as they will damage the field.  Please keep that in mind when planning what you will wear.
  2. Our Senior Prom plans are well underway.  We have noticed that many seniors will be bringing some of our junior Sachems from other classes (which is great)!  I would, however, like to remind any Freshmen, Sophomore or Junior dates that Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, June 2nd are full school days.  We will not be allowing dismissals or tardies due to prom related plans.  Any absence will be considered unexcused.  We hope that you will make your plans for prom accordingly knowing that you will have to be ready quickly in the three hours before our promenade.  We also hope that underclassmen will plan to head home after prom knowing that our school day will begin early the next morning (I know that our adult chaperones will be tired but will be here the next morning).  I thank and appreciate parents support of this important rule as we have limited class time before we break in less than two months.
  3. Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence (WFEE) is paving the way!  You can be a part of Winchester High’s future with a personalized brick.  Bricks come in three sizes $100-$350.  Order online at  Orders are accepted until July 1st.
  4. Join Relay for life of Winchester on Manchester Field Track on June 25th-26th from 5:00pm-6:00am Relay for Life is a life changing, fun filled, all ages, overnight, community event that brings people together to raise cancer awareness and funds for cancer research, advocacy efforts, education and patient service programs. It serves as a celebration for cancer survivors, a memorial for loved ones lost, and a community rally to fight cancer. If you would like to register or learn more about Relay for Life please go to
  5. Winchester’s Got Lunch will be collecting cans of tuna during the month of May.  The box is in our front lobby of our Dining Commons.  If you would like support with the Winchester’s Got Lunch program, go to:
  6. Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?  Why not order an official WHS neck tie.  They are only $40 and are red and black striped, with our without the Sachem logo in long tie or bow tie form.  Orders can be placed by going to:

This week’s schedule will be:


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Date Event Location
May 23 3:30 Boys Tennis vs. Reading Reading
May 23 3:30 Girls Tennis vs. Reading Home-Packer
May 23 3:45 pm Softball vs. Stoneham Stoneham
May 23 4:00 pm Boys Lacrosse vs. Marblehead Home-Knowlton
May 23 5:15 pm Volleyball vs. O’Bryant High Home-McCall
May 24 3:45 pm Softball vs. Wilmington Home-West Side
May 24 4:00 pm Girls Lacrosse vs. Concord/Carlisle Home-Knowlton
May 24 7:30 pm Foreign Language Awards (invitation) WHS Auditorium
May 25 3:45 pm Baseball vs. Austin Prep Austin Prep
May 25 7:30 pm Junior Awards Night (invitation) WHS Auditorium
May 26 3:30 pm Boys Tennis vs. Wilmington Wilmington-Textron
May 26 5:00 pm Boys Lacrosse vs. Falmouth Home-Knowlton
May 28 12/3:00 pm Dick Scanlon Tournament-Baseball Wilmington
June 1 5:30 pm Senior Prom
June 1-2 Science MCAS Biology Students (gr.9)
June 5 4:00 pm WHS Graduation Knowlton Stadium
June 25-26 Relay for Life Manchester Field Track



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