Monday Memo #33 5/16/16

Monday Memo–Edition #33

May 16,  2016

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Hello WHS,

As the days and weeks tumble by, I am awed that this year is coming to an end for our wonderful Class of 2016.  This wonderful senior class has been a fun and friendly crew that has truly welcomed me as a member of their class from my first day at WHS this school year.  I feel a bit like a senior too and will also graduate from WHS this June.  I certainly can understand their bittersweet feelings.  They are happy and proud of their work as a Winchester student and excited and a bit nervous of their untraveled path ahead.  I continue to hope for safe and fun celebrations for our Sachems and will shed a tear or two in my final weeks as team member.

Monday Updates:

  1. Graduation update-As you may realize, our graduation will take place on the Knowlton Stadium field behind McCall.   As it is a turf field, we have been asked to ask graduates and guests on field not to wear heels as they will damage the field.  Please keep that in mind when planning what you will wear.
  2. The Senior Honors Art students are almost ready to open their final thesis exhibition for 2016!  The exhibition, entitled “SHAlom” is being hosted by the Library.  It will be up for the entire week of May 16th.
  3. Any seniors who have not already purchased a yearbook will be able to do so at the senior breakfast. The cost is $75. Additionally, a limited supply of past year’s  yearbooks will be available for purchase for $20 a piece – first come, first serve!
  4. Congrats to Freshman Ella Hodges who recently returned from competing at the J.O. National Gymnastic Championships in Fort Worth, Texas.   After her performance at Nationals, Ella is now ranked in her age bracket at 5th in the nation for Balance Beam and number 23 in the nation in the All Around.

Weekly Shout Outs:

  1. Congratulations to Anneke Lanou who recently completed the US Equestrian Federation’s Equestrian Athlete Lettering program.  This is quite an accomplishment as it requires over 100 hours of training and 3 competitions in the last year.  Congrats Anneke!
  2. Congratulations to Quiyue Liu, Jason Lee, Philip Vuk and Alexandra Martiosian, their parent advisor Tamara Babaian and Mr. Petty.  These students won 3rd place at the High School Programming Contest last week at Fitchburg State University!
  3. Congratulations to James Lin  who came in the top 10 in the National Mathematical Association of America test!
  4. Congratulations to Thomas Dougherty and Edward Tu who were recognized at the NE American Chemical Association dinner last week for their high scores on their competition in chemistry.

Older Updates:

  1. Our Senior Prom plans are well underway.  We have noticed that many seniors will be bringing some of our junior Sachems from other classes (which is great)!  I would, however, like to remind any Freshmen, Sophomore or Junior dates that Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, June 2nd are full school days.  We will not be allowing dismissals or tardies due to prom related plans.  Any absence will be considered unexcused.  We hope that you will make your plans for prom accordingly knowing that you will have to be ready quickly in the three hours before our promenade.  We also hope that underclassmen will plan to head home after prom knowing that our school day will begin early the next morning (I know that our adult chaperones will be tired but here the next morning).  I thank and appreciate parents support of this important rule as we have limited class time before we break in less than two months.
  2. Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence (WFEE) is paving the way!  You can be a part of Winchester High’s future with a personalized brick.  Bricks come in three sizes $100-$350.  Order online at  Orders are accepted until July 1st.
  3. Join Relay for life of Winchester on Manchester Field Track on June 25th-26th from 5:00pm-6:00am Relay for Life is a life changing, fun filled, all ages, overnight, community event that brings people together to raise cancer awareness and funds for cancer research, advocacy efforts, education and patient service programs. It serves as a celebration for cancer survivors, a memorial for loved ones lost, and a community rally to fight cancer. If you would like to register or learn more about Relay for Life please go to
  4. Winchester’s Got Lunch will be collecting cans of tuna during the month of May.  The box is in our front lobby of our Dining Commons.  If you would like support with the Winchester’s Got Lunch program, go to:
  5. Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?  Why not order an official WHS neck tie.  They are only $40 and are red and black striped, with our without the Sachem logo in long tie or bow tie form.  Orders can be placed by going to:

This week’s schedule will be:


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

Date Event Location
May 16 3:30 pm Girls Tennis vs. Belmont Packer Courts
May 16 3:30 pm Boys Tennis vs. Belmont Belmont
May 16 3:30 pm Frisbee vs. Swampscott Home
May 16 3:45 pm Bball vs. Reading Reading
May 16 3:45 pm Softball vs. Reading Reading
May 16 5:15 pm Volleyball vs. Arlington Arlington
May 16 7:00 pm Octets/Chamber End of the Year Concert Winchester  Unitarian Church
May 17-18 Math MCAS Grade 10 Students
May 17 3:45 pm Boys Lacrosse vs. Belmont Home
May 17 4:00 pm Track-Middlesex Meet
May 17 5:00 pm Girls Lacrosse vs. Belmont Belmont
May 18 3:30 pm Girls Tennis vs. Arlington Home
May 18 3:30 pm Boys Tennis vs. Arlington Arlington
May 18 3:45 pm Bball vs. Belmont Belmont
May 18 3:45 pm Softball vs. Belmont Belmont
May 18 4:00 pm Volleyball vs. Somerville Somerville
May 18 7:30 pm Senior Awards Night (invitation) WHS Auditorium
May 19 3:30 pm Frisbee vs. N. Andover Home
May 19 3:45 pm Bball vs. Arlington Arlington
May 19 3:45 pm Girls Lacrosse vs. Arlington Arlington
May 19 4:00 pm Softball vs. Arlington Arlington
May 20 7:00 am Last Day for Seniors/Breakfast WHS
May 20 3:30 pm Frisbee vs. Billerica Home
May 20 3:30 pm Boys Tennis vs. Watertown Watertown
May 20 3:30 pm Girls Tennis vs. Watertown Packer Courts
May 20 6:30 pm Volleyball vs. St. John’s Prep Home-McCall
May 20-21 Winchester EnKa Fair Winchester Center
May 24 7:30 pm Foreign Language Awards (invitation) WHS Auditorium
May 25 7:30 pm Junior Awards Night (invitation) WHS Auditorium
June 1 5:30 pm Senior Prom
June 1-2 Science MCAS Biology Students (gr.9)
June 5 4:00 pm WHS Graduation Knowlton
June 25-26 Relay for Life Manchester Field Track



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