Monday Memo #29-April 11, 2016

Monday Memo–Edition #29

April 11, 2016

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Hello WHS,

Monday Updates:

  1. Congratulations to John Na who qualified for the USA Math Olympiad.  He is one of only 500 that qualified nationwide out of the thousands who participated in the test.

  1. Congratulations to five members of the WHS Chemistry Olympiad who joined over one hundred students in the Boston area to take the exam.  The top scorers qualified to the next round in order to compete for the National Team.  Congratulations to Thomas Dougherty and Edward Tu who are moving on.   Winnie Li, Jerry Wang and Justin Yu also had strong showings at the competition.

  1. Congratulations to everyone who participated in our 2nd Annual Night of the Arts.  I am sorry to have missed it as I heard it was superb!  Thank you to everyone who performed and contributed.  A special thank you to the Student Council and advisor, Mr. Robbat who organized the event.  I heard our new principal, Mr. Mahoney was in attendance and I’m sure he was impressed!

  1. Thank you to the great team who presented at the School Committee last week.  Mrs. Kathleen Grace and Ms. Zampitella brought our great team of:  Viktor Davis, Gabriel de Oliviera, David Joseph, Winnie Li, and Lizzie Splaine.  The team represented TEAM Sachem well by reviewing our new CTC space and how they are using our new equipment.

  1. Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?  Why not order an official WHS neck tie.  They are only $40 and are red and black striped, with our without the Sachem logo in long tie or bow tie form.  Orders can be placed by going to:

  1. We have hearing assistive equipment for our Auditorium available.  It will be housed in the office area.  If your student (or even someone you know at a public event) can benefit from the use of such equipment, please have them tell their teacher or office staff and we will be sure to assist.  In addition, if it is an evening event, the custodians are aware of the equipment and will be able to assist.  

  1. Please note that our handicapped parking spots in the front of the building are reserved for handicapped vehicles ONLY.  Please do not pull into them for live, short or long term parking.  We do realize that our parking is extremely limited during construction and we appreciate your attention to leaving parking spaces open to staff, students, and guests who require the spaces.

  1. Our Sachem Logo will be removed next week and will be given a great space in our newly renovated gymnasium.  As you may realize, A and B wings will be under construction starting in June.

  1. We would like all parents of seniors to attend a meeting on April 26 at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.  This all important meeting will be to review Senior Week Activities leading up to and including Graduation and the All Night Party.  We will be meeting with seniors that morning to review our expectations, as well.  Our goals are  that we have a fun and memorable week and that our students will exercise judgement to keep everyone safe!

Older Updates:

  1. Winchester’s Got Lunch will be collecting cans of tuna during the month of May.  So please, start stocking up.  More information to follow.

  1. We are pleased to be having a group called the Improbable Players who are coming to   WHS on April 14th during the day for all of our students  Their program is called “I’ll Never Do That.”  On April 14th, we will also host a parent presentation by the group at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.  We are  thrilled to have these wonderful program  presentations which are sponsored by the Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community, in partnership and with the financial support of EnKa and the Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence.  For more info:

  1. Graduation plans are set.  Our plan is to have our WHS Class of 2016 Graduation on Manchester Field (behind McCall) outside onSunday, June 5th at 4:00 pm-NOTE the later time in the day to helpful avoid the heat of the day.  (Rain Date will be Monday, June 6th at 6:00 pm).  We will be sending out more information regarding senior week activities. Keep checking your Edline account for updates.

This week’s schedule will be:


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 1




April 11 3:30 pm

Boys/Girls Track vs. Woburn

Woburn High

April 11 3:45 pm

Softball vs. Medford

Home-West Side Field

April 11 3:30 pm

Boys Tennis vs. Burlington

Rahanis Park

April 11 3:30 pm

Girls Tennis vs. Burlington

Winchester Swim and Tennis

April 11 5:15 pm

Boys Volleyball vs. O’Bryant HS

O’Bryant HS

April 12 9:00 am

Parent Conversations-Eating Disorders

WHS Library Conference Room

April 12

Town Wide Authorfest


April 12 3:30 pm

Frisbee vs. Andover


April 12 3:45 pm

Boys Baseball vs. Stoneham

Home-MacDonald Field

April 12 3:45 pm

Girls Lacrosse vs. Watertown


April 12 3:45 pm

Softball vs. Stoneham

Home-West Side Field

April 12 4:00 pm

Boys Lacrosse vs. Watertown

Victory Field

April 12 6:00 pm

3rd Annual STEM Showcase

WHS Auditorium

April 13-third lunch

Opera Singers visit WHS

WHS Dining Commons

April 13 3:30 pm

Boys Tennis vs. Woburn


April 13 3:30 pm

Girls Tennis vs. Woburn

Winchester Swim and Tennis

April 13 4:00 pm

Boys Volleyball vs.Somerville


April 13 7:00 pm

Choral Concert

WHS Auditorium

April 14 (during day)

Student Performances of Improbable Players

WHS Auditorium

April 14 3:30 pm

Boys/Girls Track vs. Lexington

Lexington High

April 14 3:30 pm

Frisbee vs. Concord-Carlisle


April 14 3:45 pm

Girls Lacrosse vs. Burlington


April 14 7:00 pm

Parent Presentation of Improbable Players

WHS Auditorium

April 15 3:45 pm

Boys Baseball vs. Watertown


April 15  3:45 pm

Softball vs. Watertown


April 15 3:30 pm

Boys Tennis vs. Lexington


April 15 3:30 pm

Girls Tennis vs. Lexington

Winchester Swim and Tennis

April 15 3:30 pm

Frisbee vs. Arlington

Home-Mullin Field

April 15 4:00 pm

Sailing vs. BBN

Winchester Boat Club

April 15 5:00 pm

Boys Lacrosse vs. Burlington


April 16 8:30

Sailing-O’Day Fleet Race


April 16 10:00 am

Girls Lacrosse vs. Newton North


April 16 11:00 am

Baseball vs. Wellesley


April 16 12:00

Boys Lacrosse vs. Hingham

Home-Ginn Field

April 18-22

Spring Vacation-No School

April 17 8:30 am

Sailing-O’Day Fleet Race


April 18 10:00 am

Softball vs. Austin

Home-West Side

April 18 10:00 am

Baseball vs. Malden Catholic

Home-MacDonald Field

April 18 noon

Boys Lacrosse vs. Hingham

Andover HS

April 20 10:00 am

Baseball vs. Burlington

Wyman School-Burlington

April 20 10:00 am

Softball vs. Burlington

Marvin Field-Burlington

April 20 11:00 am

Girls Lacross vs. Cohasset


April 20 1:30 pm

Boys Volleyball vs. Arlington

AHS-Red Gym

April 21 11:15 am

Boys Volleyball vs. Billerica


April 22 10:00 am

Girls Lacrosse vs. Framingham


April 22 10:00 am

Baseball vs. Woburn

Woburn High

April 22 10:00 am

Softball vs. Woburn

Woburn High

April 23 10:00 am

Sailing -Herreshoff Qualifier


April 25

School Resumes after Spring Vacation

April 26 7:00 pm

Senior-Parent Night Meeting


April 27

3rd Term Report Cards to be emailed



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