Foreign Language Week at WHS

At Winchester High School March Madness is not just about basketball. It is about celebrating foreign languages. March 7 –March 11 is officially proclaimed Foreign Language Week. However, in Winchester, we are celebrating all month long because that’s how we do things.  As you enter the building you will be greeted by a variety of flags representing different countries and it doesn’t end there. Take a right and hear students and teachers in their classrooms talking and maybe singing in different languages, something they do everyday, not just during foreign language month. If you want to experience more music to your ears, take a walk over to the modular classrooms.  We started our Foreign Language Month by having our students participate in the National Foreign Language Exams of French, Italian and Latin. We will continue with administering the Spanish National Exam during this month. Testing may not be an activity that some would relate to a celebration, but for our students it is exhilarating. Top scorers will be recognized at our Foreign Language Awards Ceremony on May 12, 2016.  The food area of the Dining Commons is also displaying decorations that represent our March Madness celebration. As in the past, Trina Scotti and her team are collaborating with the foreign language department and providing thematic lunches during the week of March 14-18. Each day will have a lunch representing a language that we teach at WHS. Please check out the menu and try something.  During the week of March 14-18, foreign language students will also participate in answering trivia questions pertaining to the languages we study.  Each day is dedicated to a different language with a particular question for each block.  As a fun ending to the week, Friday is foreign language T-Shirt Day. You don’t have to study foreign language to participate.   Just wear a T-Shirt with foreign words, a different country or a team representing a country. What ? You don’t have a T-shirt to wear ? You can make one ! The important thing is to keep it appropriate and respectful. We will be on the look out for the best T-Shirts!




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