February Musings from Mrs. Kelley-Reposted from WHSPFA Newsletter


Hello WHS,
I always liked the month of February.  For me, it was always a month of big events.  In an elementary school, educators celebrate important milestones like the “100th Day of School” and Valentine’s Day.  Though less evident in a high school, February also marks a month of milestones.  This month becomes what I like to think of as the “sweet spot” of the school year.  No longer new to the grade or the course, students are mostly comfortable and well versed on what they need to do to be successful in their classes and activities.  This is the time where they can focus on their bigger questions “What kind of student am I?”  “What kind of student would I like to be?”  “What are my plans beyond high school?”  “How can I make strides to making my dreams become reality?”
In our busy, over scheduled lives, it is easy to forget those who have made a lasting influence on our lives.  Some of us credit friends, family, a coach, a teacher or another important person in our lives that helped us to follow our dreams and led us down a path that allowed us to answer some of the questions aforementioned.

I recently read a blog written by an educator entitled, “One of the Best Assignments I Have Ever Given”.  In the article the educator gave the following assignment:
Directions: Think about someone that did something or said something that changed your life for the better.  Someone you have never properly thanked.  Your task is to write a letter to this individual and if possible deliver it to them in person.   The letter should be about 300 words.  Be specific about what they did for you and how it affected your life.  Let them know what you are doing now and how you often remember those words.  Hopefully you can both share your feelings about this moment.
Assignment: You should write a two paragraph reflection of your gratitude visit.  One paragraph should describe your feelings as you wrote and delivered this letter.  The second paragraph should describe how the person who received your gratitude responded.
 I love this idea.  How often do any of us take the time to thank people for their roles in our lives?  I challenge all of us to think of February as our “Sharing the Love” month.  Think of one person that you really should thank for something that they did for you along the way.  Reach out and hopefully plan (if possible) to visit that person to express your gratitude and thanks.
As JFK once said, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”  I plan to reach out to several of my mentors who have led me along the way…will you?

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