Reposted: Monday Memo #16 January 4, 2016

Monday Memo–Edition #16

January 4, 2016

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Dear WHS Community,

Happy New Year!  

I hope that you had some time to recharge and relax over the holiday break.  As we move into our final days of term two and our upcoming midterms, it is hard to believe that the year is almost half over.  As each new year begins, I find myself encouraged.  I reflect on the last year and then think of new goals that I hope to achieve.  I encourage our Sachems to do the same.  Though the year is almost half-way complete; we also have half of the year to go!  You can plot your goals and achieve them.  Please let us know how we can help!


Monday Updates:


  1. The League of Women Voters will be here during our lunch times on January 14th.  Students can now register online with a DMV signature on file (permit or license).  We are encouraging students to register early so that they are all set to VOTE once they are 18!  Members of our Student Council will be on hand as well as members of the League to answer any questions.  Please bring your license or permit as you will need your number.  For more information-
  2. Reposting a traffic request from Sgt. Perenick:  When dropping off or picking up students, please pull as far forward and off to the side in the front driveway as possible.  Please do not block traffic and wait for your student.  Directional lights should be used at all times when pulling in or out of traffic and please use caution as the students will be crossing.  Every driver’s patience and assistance is greatly appreciated.  Also, please allow ten additional minutes for poor weather conditions.  Thank you!

Monday Shout Outs:

  1. On December 18th, 22nd and 23rd, fifteen of our Latin Club students volunteered 53 hours of gift wrapping at the Burlington Mall to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Mrs. DeCamp states, “I could not have been prouder of their enthusiasm and resourcefulness as we wrapped an endless stream of packages.”
  2. Congratulations to our English, Math, and Social Studies Departments who in total received 98 ChromeBooks through our District and WFEE’s “PowerEd Up” campaign grants.  These ChromeBooks will allow our students to work in classrooms on projects and research!  Thank you to WFEE and to our families who have supported this initiative.

This week’s schedule will be:


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Date Activity Location
January 4 Return to School
Tuesday 1/5 4:00 pm Boys/Girls Track vs. Reading BU Track/Tennis Ctr.
Tuesday 1/ 5 5:00 pm Boys Bball at Lexington Lexington
Tuesday 1/5 6:00 pm Gymnastics vs. Arlington AHS Blue Gym
Tuesday 1/5 7:00 pm Girls Bball at Lexington Lexington
Wednesday 1/6 4:00 pm Girls Hockey vs.Lexington Edge Sports Ctr.
Wednesday 1/6 6:00 pm Wrestling vs.Lexington Lexington
Wednesday 1/6 7:00 pm Boys Hockey vs.Lexington Edge Sports Ctr.
Thursday 1/7 3:00 Math Team-Regional Meeting WHS
Friday 1/8 5:00 pm Boys Bball vs. Reading Woburn (home)
Friday 1/8 7:00 pm Girls Bball vs. Reading Woburn (home)
Saturday 1/ 9-9am Practice Test for NEW SAT and ACT (sponsored by class of 2016) $10 at door or pre register at:

McCall Cafeteria
Saturday 1/9 6:00 pm Boys Hockey vs. Reading O’Brien (home)
Saturday 1/9 8:00 pm Girls Hockey vs. Reading O’Brien (home)
Monday 1/11 9:00 am Parent to Parent Coffee with Superintendent Learning Commons
Monday 1/11 5:00 pm Boys Hockey vs. BC High UMass Boston
Monday 1/11 7:30 pm WHS Orchestra Concert Dining Commons
Tuesday 1/12 4:00 pm Boys Swimming vs. Burlington Medford HS (home)
Thursday 1/14 lunch time League of Women Voters-Voter Registration Kiosk Dining Commons
Thursday 1/14 7:00 pm PSAT Interpretation Workshop-Guidance WHS Learning Commons (Library)
January 18 No School-Martin Luther King Day
January 19-22





1/19 B Class (7:45-8:40)

G Class (8:45-9:40)

A Exam (9:45-11:15)

1/20 B Exam (7:45-8:40)

C Exam (9:30-11:00)

1/21 D Exam (7:45-8:40)

E Exam (9:30-11:00)

1/22 F Exam (7:45-9:15)

G Exam (9:30-11:00)

Make-ups 1/20-22 afternoon


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