Monday Memo #15-December 21, 2015

Monday Memo–Edition #15

December 21,  2015

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Dear WHS Community,

I hope that you have had a great week.  As we move into this last school week of the year, I am thankful for our days here at WHS.  We have great students who work hard and truly want to make a difference and we have talented staff who care about our students.  So on behalf of all of us at Winchester High School, I would like to wish you a very happy holiday season and my best wishes for  a happy and healthy 2016.  

Monday Updates:

  1. Our Department of Education’s Accountability and Report Card is now available.  Our high school has been awarded Level 1 (their highest level) according to our 2015 MCAS Scores.  To view our accountibility status, you may go to: or check our website:
  2. Here is a traffic request from Sgt. Perenick:  When dropping off or picking up students, please pull as far forward and off to the side in the front driveway as possible.  Please do not block traffic and wait for your student.  Directional lights should be used at all times when pulling in or out of traffic and please use caution at the crosswalks watching for students crossing.  Every driver’s patience and assistance is greatly appreciated.  Also, please allow 10 additional minutes for poor weather conditions.  Thank you!
  3. A huge thank you to the everyone who participated in WHS Gives Back.  We were able to collect almost twelve thousand dollars to help support many families locally as well as some others from nearby communities.

The Week after vacation  Schedule will be:


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Mon. 12/21 5:00 pm Boys Bball vs. Burlington Burlington
Mon. 12/21 7:00 pm Girls Bball vs. Burlington Burlington
Weds. 12/23 5:00 pm Boys Bball vs. Woburn Woburn
Weds. 12/23 6:15 pm Boys Hockey vs. Burlington Burlington
Weds. 12/23 7:00 pm Girls Bball vs. Woburn Woburn
Weds. 12/23 8:15 pm Girls Hockey vs. Burlington Burlington
12/24-1/3 Holiday Vacation
Mon. 12/28 8:00 am Wrestling Tournament Tsongas Ctr.
Tues. 12/29 9:00 am Boys/Girls  Track vs.  Lexington Reggie Lewis
Weds. 12/30 12:30 pm Gymnastics vs. Stoneham Stoneham
Sat. Jan. 2  6:00 pm Girls Hockey vs. O”Brien O’Brien
Sat.Jan. 2 8:00 pm Boys Hockey vs. Woburn O’Brien
January 4 Return to School
Saturday 1/ 9-9am Practice Test for NEW SAT and ACT (sponsored by class of 2016) $10 at door or preregister at:

McCall Cafeteria
Thursday 1/14 7:00 pm PSAT Interpretation Workshop-Guidance WHS Learning Commons (Library)
Jan. 18 No School-Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 19-22 Midterms

1/19 B Class (7:45-8:40)

G Class (8:45-9:40)

A Exam (9:45-11:15)

1/20 B Exam (7:45-8:40)

C Exam (9:30-11:00)

1/21 D Exam (7:45-8:40)

E Exam (9:30-11:00)

1/22 F Exam (7:45-9:15)

G Exam (9:30-11:00)

Make-ups 1/20-22 afternoon


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