WHS-Pep Rally Speech 2015

Hello Winchester High School,

Each year our students gather together after our Spirit week to show our Sachem pride and congratulate our fall teams.  We are also here to cheer on our Football team before the BIG Thanksgiving Game.

This is a special week at WHS and I appreciate the hard work that the Student Council and advisor, Mr. Robbat have put into the many details to support all of our events.  I also want to thank the band, and others who have worked hard to put together today’s pep rally.

I must admit, before coming to WHS, I haven’t attended all that many sporting events particularly at the High School level.  I am definitely trying to hit a lot of sporting events and other activities by our extracurricular clubs.  At these events,  I see committed students and involved adults supporting our students.  

Some of your best memories in High School won’t be from merely sitting in your classes.-


  • You will remember the times you have spent doing the things that you love.  
  • You will remember spending time getting to know your teachers and they getting to know you.  
  • You will remember conversations and practices with your coaches.
  • You will remember learning your lines or moving a set at the 11th hour because of a wrestling match.  
  • You will remember field trips both near and far.  
  • You will remember your successes but you will also remember the things that you wish had gone better.  


All of these things are important on your journey.  Your journey is filled with many unknowns and  it is hard to know at times where to go and what to do?

I remember a quote that I heard from one of my all time favorite shows…Friday Night Lights.  In the series, Coach Taylor was always giving out pearls of wisdom.  He once told his team that “You should listen to people that love you and you should listen to people that you trust. Most of all, you should listen to yourself.”

So please listen to yourself~that inner voice that tells you what to do, what decisions are right and encourages all of us to work towards our own personal best.

So today on the eve of our big game with our rivalry with Woburn, I ask that all participating do just that-strive for your personal best and have fun.  Work hard and enjoy the moment.  I am proud to be a fellow Sachem and look forward to sharing in the pride tomorrow and throughout our time together.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for!


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