Monday Memo-September 21, 2015

REPOSTED-Monday Memo-Edition #2

September 21, 2015

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    Greetings from Winchester High School!  I hope that you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather from this past weekend.  We do not have school this Wednesday for Yom Kippur.  In addition, some of our students will celebrate Eid ul-Adha later this week.  I look forward to meeting and seeing many of you at our Annual Open House Night this Thursday, September 24, 2015.  

We have some Monday updates.  

  • In order to keep the traffic moving safely, as well as to keep all students safe, we ask you to pull all the way up to the first available spot in the drop off area.  Also, try to encourage students to exit on the right (school side) of the vehicle.

  • Due to construction and movement of classrooms, you may be leaving a voicemail message to another extension.  If you don’t hear back from your intended party, please send them an email.  Typically, email is the easiest and fastest way to reach a staff member.  With student concerns, you should alway reach out the their teacher first and if you email, be sure to include a phone number.  That way, the staff member can either call you back or email.  Thank you!

  • Agenda books were ordered for sophomores, juniors and seniors and are due to come in early this week.  I apologize for the delay. Freshman have already received their handbooks.

  • Some have asked about seating in the Dining Commons.  We are happy to see our students really enjoying the new space.  We currently have 2 lunch periods and although busy, we are averaging between 15-30 empty seats per day.  High schoolers definitely want to sit where they want, so we will be working a bit at reshifting in order to use open seating.  In addition, we are hoping to purchase some outdoor seating for the patio in front of the building as well as possible additional seating upstairs.  We are also working on getting students through our serving area.  Each day, we are seeing less wait time.  If your child is not ordering or purchasing lunches, remind them that the line dissipates after the first 10 minutes or so.

  • Our Annual Open House is this Thursday, September 24.  We will have our Activities Fair in our NEW Dining Commons from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  We will be emailing home your child’s schedule as you will follow their schedule from A-G blocks in 10 minute increments. During an unassigned or open blocks, you can revisit the Fair in the Cafe.

Our schedule will be:  

7:00-7:10    A Block

7:15-7:25    B Block

7:30-7:40     C Block

7:45-7:55    D Block

8:00-8:10    E Block

8:15-8:25    F Block

8:30-8:40     G Block

I will also be available for an informal meet and greet in the library from 6:30-7:00.  In addition, I will have a filmed Welcome Video playing in the library for the remainder of the evening.  Please come and learn about your students year from our talented staff and find out ways that they can get involved.  If your students club has not yet scheduled their table, please contact Malini Dutta at as the deadline is tonight at 5:00 pm.

  • In addition, be sure to stop by the WHSPFA table at the fair.  As you may realize, our PFA does only one major fundraiser through our Direct Appeal.  We are asking that families consider a one time donation of a suggested amount of $75 (of course, ANY contribution is gratefully received).

  • If you would like to be a part of the Calendar Study Committee established by the district, please contact Freda Canavan by this Friday, Sept. 25th.  (

Memo Shout-Outs- We have so much to be proud of here at WHS.  I have asked staff to send me regular shout out announcements so we can recognize some of our great happenings for our WHS community.

  • Congratulations to our own Mrs. Zhou who was recognized by MIT as a teacher who has made a difference in a MIT student’s life.  We received a special letter from MIT thanking her for her efforts!

  • Congratulations to our Foreign Language Department with their Bi-Annual Spanish Exchange Program.  Here are some more details about it:

Amigos para siempre

At Winchester High School we look forward to September because it means the beginning of a new school year and every other year, the arrival of our friends and

colleagues from Spain who bring a new group of Spanish Exchange to WHS. This year

three teachers and 35 students came to Winchester from Madrid, Spain on September 7th.   They return home today, September 21st.

Winchester has been involved in the Spanish Exchange for over 30 years. The

coordinator of the exchange, Ms. Kean participated in it when she was a student at

Winchester High School, and knows first hand how powerful and transformative an

opportunity like this can be for a student. It is a wonderful way to experience  the

language and culture of a country.

When the Winchester foreign language teachers see the teachers from Spain, it is as though a family member has arrived. By the end of the stay, the students have the same familial feeling for the exchange students as we do for our Spanish colleagues. The WHS students and students from Spain have developed a bond and lifelong friendships. The Spanish students attended classes, went on field trips to Boston and other places of interest, participated in a Scavenger Hunt, “Make your own Sundae” experience, competed with their hosts in soccer and spoons and cooked tortilla española.

It has been an amazing opportunity for both WHS and the students from Madrid. In truth, it is not only the students that benefit from these experiences-it is the entire community!  Our Spanish friends are traveling back to Spain and our Winchester students look forward to their travel part of the exchange. Thirty-five Winchester Spanish students will be going to Spain with their teachers and chaperones from February 4-22, 2016.

Upcoming Dates-

I will continue to repost items and add dates to this weekly update-I apologize in advance for any omissions. You can email me to be posted onto this listing:


WHS Event (for more sporting schedules go to:


Monday 9/21 3:30 pm

Boys/Girls CC vs. Woburn

Horn Pond

Monday 9/21 3:45 pm

Boys Soccer vs. Lexington

Lincoln Turf-Lexington

Monday 9/21 3:45 pm

Girls Soccer vs. Lexington


Monday 9/21 4:00 pm

Volleyball vs. Lexington

Lexington High School

Tuesday 9/22 3:30 pm

Field Hockey vs. Lexington


Wednesday 9/23

NO SCHOOL-Yom Kippur

Thursday 9/24 3:30 pm

Golf vs. Arlington

Winchester Country Club

Thursday 9/24 3:45 pm

Boys Soccer vs. Reading


Thursday 9/24 5:15  pm

Volleyball vs. Reading

Home-McCall MS

Thursday 9/24 6:00 pm

Girls Soccer vs. Reading

Reading Turf

Thursday 9/24-6:00-9:00 pm

(Classroom visits at 7:00 pm)

Open House for Parents and Guardians

WHS-Various Spaces and

Activity Fair in Dining Commons

Friday 9/25 3:00 pm

Golf vs. Catholic Memorial

Dedham Country Club

Friday 9/25 3:30 pm

Field Hockey vs. Reading


Friday 9/25 5:00 pm

Volleyball vs. Somerville

Somerville High School

Saturday 9/26 10:00 am

Football vs. Reading


Saturday 9/26 7:00 pm

Girls Soccer vs. Andover

Andover High School

Sunday 9/27 Noon

Glen Doherty 5k/10k

Jenks Center

Sunday 9/27 4:00 pm

Swimming vs. Woburn


Wednesday 9/30-12:00-5:00 pm

Winchester Community Blood Drive

First Congregational Church 21 Church St.

Wednesday 9/30-7:00-8:30 pm

Senior Night for College Guidance-Class of 2016

McCall MS Auditorium

Monday 10/5 7:30 pm

WHSPFA Meeting

Dining Commons

Tuesday 10/6 7:00 pm

Coalition-“Out of Reach” Documentary and Panel Discussion

Jenks Center

Friday 10/23 All Day

WHS Flu Clinic sign up at:



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