Welcome Back WHS!


A GREAT first day and a HUGE welcome back from WHS staff!  Our staff was outside to welcome both new members of our WHS family as well as to welcome back returning student members.  It was a great start of what promises to be a great year.  I am honored to work alongside the staff who took time over the holiday weekend to create a banner and plan time to have a welcoming committee stationed for students outside WHS and we will be back out there tomorrow!  I love that each new First Day of School is a new beginning and a first step in making this new school year the best yet.  

Mrs. Mochrie, other members of our office staff, guidance and I met with our newest members of our community-our freshmen today.  I saw some familiar and many friendly faces.  In my welcome address to them, I urged them to get involved, to try their best and to ask for help if they need it.  I know first hand that those three strategies help all of us to be successful and to acclimate quickly.  We will meet with the sophomore class tomorrow, the junior class on Thursday and the senior class on Friday.  Tomorrow, we will have our first full-scale lunches in our new learning common/lunchroom.  I can’t wait to see our new space at capacity and the Assistant Principals and I will look for spacing, seats and set up and will make adjustments as needed.

Have a great evening and I can hardly wait for tomorrow!



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