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2017-2018: Episode 12

Hello all and welcome back to the TEAM WHS Blog! This week’s blog will be just some highlights and fun pictures from last week. We are currently preparing for the upcoming WHS Gives Back event and then the much anticipated holiday break. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Community Hour pilot initiative.

The first picture below is one of my favorites in a while. It captures that the teacher/student relationship is the most important part of what we do at WHS. When we build strong relationships with our students; the bonds will last forever. Those relationships will certainly have a lasting positive impact as all of our students eventually do outgrow WHS.

T. Evrigenis and Rose Hodges
Ms. E and Rose have a moment together.

Last Thursday’s winter choral event was so much fun! Big congratulations to all of the students and Mr. Buford!

Please see the link for our Midyear exam schedule. Midterm Exams 17-18 (1)

Physics Class Highlight: Check out these two videos from Mr. Pundit-Murphy’s physics classes. The students are looking at acceleration, the mass of an object and what happens in a collision. We are happy to see the classes really utilize their new spaces and smartly use their phones in the classrooms!

Physics Phun 1

Physics Phun 2

WHS Students and WFEE:  (From the WFEE Newsletter) “WFEE has focused for nearly 25 years on supporting Winchester educators. That will never change. But, we are expanding our focus. Meet Will Bicks, WHS Sophomore. Will is one of the first recipients of the WFEE Student Innovation Grant. Set up as an outgrowth of the powerED UP! campaign, the Innovation Grants are designed to allow students to undertake projects that push the bounds of learning.


So why is Will lying on his back in WHS lab? He is creating an immersive video dome to be used with educational media. In English? He is taking a geodesic dome, created as a powerED UP! project last year, covering it with material that mimics a movie screen, setting up multiple LCD projectors and using software that provides a virtual tour of the inside a human cell. “It is a shared immersive experience, allowing many students to experience the tour at a time, similar to an IMAX, but panoramic.” Will Bicks, Grant Recipient. Biology classes will begin using the dome later this winter.

Will and his colleagues at WHS continue to engineer final project details. At WFEE, we believe that process is as important as product,making this grant a success.”

Law Enforcement and WHS: Last week SRO Perenick took a number of our students to learn more about what the shared special unit known as the NEMLEC Stars do when they are called upon during a significant safety event.

All Group Picture SWAT

WHS Blood Drive Reminder WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th, WHS Gymnasium 8am-1pm

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading. Have a happy holiday vacation week and see you next year!

Dennis Mahoney





Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 11

Members of the 2017-2018 WHS JSA
The WHS JSA about to jump into the political realm!

Our WHS Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) attended their annual weekend convention at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. As always, we are proud to report that our students were civic minded and politically engaged. The theme was JSA – Be The People.

FOOD! Wednesday, 12/13, will be the annual PFA holiday breakfast for WHS Staff. We want to thank the continued and unwavering support that the WHS PFA always provides for our students and staff. Thank you for always putting WHS first and working with us to help make WHS the great school it is!

Blood Drive:  WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 20th in the WHS Gymnasium 8 AM-1 PM. Our Connect & Commit and the Red Cross Club are hosting a blood drive. Please talk with your student and ask them if they want to donate. This year we are also looking for Power Red donors. Power Red is similar to a whole blood donation, except a special machine is used to allow you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation while returning your plasma and platelets to you. With Power Red donations you SAVE TIME, MAKE A LARGER IMPACT, and FEEL BETTER after donating. 

Community Hour Pilot:  93% of the students who responded to the survey (409 total responders) voted in favor of piloting the Community Hour idea. Those who left responses, with their name, will receive a direct response from Dennis Mahoney. We are currently exploring the possibility of a digital pass system. Please know that pass system ideas are always welcome!

We welcome input and volunteers from our community if you would like to get involved in any way. We will be trying to make a decision on moving forward with the pilot for second semester, and which quarter to begin this pilot very soon. Please stay tuned! 

Upcoming Calendar Items:

12/14: Winter Choral Concert @7 PM WHS AUD

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for dropping in. Have a wonderful week!

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 10

image_01 (3)
The amazing cast from the WHS fall play “Francine’s Will” 

Congratulations to the cast, stage crew, tech crew and Ms. Matthews for another wonderful fall play. The acting as fantastic as was the twist at the end!

Community Hour Overview: The Community Hour initiative is an exciting opportunity for the entire WHS community to take an hour every week and have choices for enrichment, anti-stress activities, extra support and more. The WHS staff voted overwhelmingly to support this idea.  Right now the students are using their voice and voting to implement or not implement the initiative. Please click on this link for an overview  Community Hour Overview

NHS Induction: We have our annual National Honor Society induction ceremony this Thursday at 7 PM in the WHS auditorium. Congratulations to all of the new inductees!

Classroom Highlight: Ms. Lutchen’s Advanced Pre-Calculus class had a perfect blend of math, design and technology in their class last Friday. The lesson was to work through a set of problems and then use the graphing function on their laptops to create a distinct and well-known logo (Apple, Mitsubishi, Android etc.) design. Our students were totally focused on the task while also having fun.

Advanced Pre-Calc students blending math, technology and design skills.

CTC Lecture: 12/06/17 John Gregg, a programmer from Akami will lead a lecture titled “Programming for a Living: What They Don’t Teach You At School”. Below is a flyer designed by Photoshop student Agnia Bajare to publicize the event.

CTC john gregg

Guidance Winter Issue: The Winter issue of the Guide is attached and available for download on the Guidance website.  Please contact your child’s counselor directly with any questions   The GuideWinter20172018.pdf

Upcoming Calendar Items:

12/07: NHS Induction Ceremony

12/14: Winter Choral Concert

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney



Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 9

Welcome back readers,

We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. The short week leading up to the mini-break was our famous Spirit 1/2 Week.  Below are some highlight pictures of our pep rally.  Our Instagram, @whssachems, and Twitter, @wshmahoney, have some wonderful videos of the event. The “boys cheerleaders” was a sight to behold. We will have full video coverage of the entire event out to you soon.


image_01 (1)
Many staff members took advantage of Spirit 1/2 Weeks “Grey It Out” Monday.

Last Week’s Message to Students:  At this time of reflection and giving thanks, we wanted to make sure that we said thank you to you, our students, for everything you do. We are so proud every day of all of the hard work you put into everything. We love your spirit, we love your dedication, and we love your passion.  Thank you for making our school the great place it is and being the reason why it is known as THE Winchester High School.  We know that this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work on your part, and we appreciate and honor that hard work.

This mini-break we have coming up over the Thanksgiving weekend is a perfect time to disconnect from the hard work, unplug, relax, and instead connect with your loved ones and friends. We wanted to share this video with you before we break because we felt that the message, though maybe a bit preachy, is thoughtful and important. Personally, I plan on heeding the message in the video as well, as I am certainly guilty of looking down and not up as much as I should.    Look Up

Winter Sports Tryouts: Good luck to all of our student athletes this week as the winter season officially begins today. We know that you will all represent WHS with class and sportsmanship.

WHS Student Achievement: Please join me in congratulating Andrea Huang (’19).  Andrea has been selected from students all over the country to participate in the the National Honor Ensembles’Orchestra. Andrea was eligible for the honor by her consistent selection to the Massachusetts All-State Orchestra and chosen by audition.

Andrea Huang

Upcoming Calendar Items:

11/28: Day of Dialogue

11/29: Changing Start Times Open Community Forum @ WHS 7 PM

11/30: 1st night of the Fall Play: Francine’s Will @ WHS 7 PM

12/07: NHS Induction Ceremony

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney


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2017-2018: Episode 8

Hello readers!  Welcome back to the Team WHS Blog.

The pushing school start times to a later time discussions has begun in earnest.  There are obviously many issues connected to this discussion and the committee, lead by Dr. Evans, is taking every one of them into account in the process.  Last week there was a survey sent out to students and families for your input.  We will send a reminder and the link again during the beginning of the week.  This is an important survey as it will help provide some direction for the committee’s next steps.  If you have not done so already, please take a few moments to examine some of the science behind adolescent sleep patterns.  Specifically, please take a look at the scientific research from Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  Many of the early slides are very compelling.  See this link: Case for Later Start Times

Q1 Grades: All Q1 Grades will be public in Aspen to our students and families on the afternoon of 11/14

Scenes from WHS:

image_02 (10)
The monthly Sachems Leads group meets to talk about the right way to support our sports teams.


Our Girls Volleyball team and our Girls Field Hockey team battle in the state tourney.

image_01 (15)
The neighborhood swans are hanging in the Aberjona!

Talent Show Update:  We are proud to say that our WHS/McCall M.S. NHS Talent show that was held on 11/3 made a fantastic $1490 for the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico!  Congratulations to everyone involved!

Sports Update:  Our hearts broke for the girls Field Hockey team as they lost to #1 Andover 1-0 in OT on Saturday. That is literally as close as you can get! Check out this nice article from the Boston Globe about WHS Senior Mariah Redler and the great team we had this year. Mariah Redler Field Hockey Article

Our WHS girls soccer team plays TODAY at 5PM on Manning Field in Lynn.  We hope to see you there!

R+B Online:  The newest issue of the Red & Black is now online.

Spirit ½ Week Update:  Spirit ½ week is coming up next week!

Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney



Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 7

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

image_02 (9)
Our NHS MC’s at the WHS/WMS Talent Show

NHS Fund Raiser:  The WHS National Honor Society, in partnership with with the McCall Middle School NHS, held a benefit for the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico last Friday night.  The NHS Talent Show was well attended and the acts were phenomenal!  Check out some of the videos on Twitter @whsmahoney.

Reminder:  This week we have no school on Tuesday or Friday.

Q1 is now over.  You can expect to see grades posted to Aspen by the afternoon of 11/14.

MCAS Update: The MCAS scores are out and once again WHS did very well. We are always proud of any success and recognition that our students earn. However, while the MCAS represent a way to measure some academic ability, they do not measure everything. It is my opinion that they do not measure the important skills and attributes that most would want for all our students. After almost 20 years, the MCAS still cannot measure creativity, resilience, courage, motivation, leadership, curiosity, reliability, honesty, enthusiasm, integrity, empathy and self-management.

Again, we are always happy with good news.  But let’s remember what is most important for the long term happiness of our students.

APPS to be aware of:  Speaking of long term happiness. Have you had that conversation with your student yet where you ask them to show you something positive they have posted online? Do you want to know what apps they may be using to post comments? Of course there is Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.  However, the below list of apps have been routinely seen as apps that are used for anonymous and mostly negative behavior.  If your student is using anonymous apps you may want to have a conversation with them. 

Sarahah, AfterSchool, Secret,, Bumble, BurnBook, Calculator Private Photo, Finstagram, IMVU, Jott, StreetChat, Tango, Voxer, Wattpad, WhatsGoodly, Whisper,
Wishbone, Yellow, YouNow

These are just a few that are out there and the list is ever changing and growing.  The best way to know what your student is doing is to ask them to show you.

Scenes from a busy week at WHS.

image_01 (14)
Our girls cheering on the football team as they fight hard vs. Concord Carlisle

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for dropping in, don’t forget to vote and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018 Episode 6

image_01 (8)

Thank you Winchester!  We had over 500 people from our community visit WHS this weekend for our community tours.  We are confident that every visitor left the new Winchester High School impressed and satisfied with the results.   Many recent alumni came out and they were astonished at the transformation of our school.

A huge thank you is owed to the students who gave of their time to lead the tours.  We had a few PALS, a few NHS students and a few students who just wanted to help.  They were excellent ambassadors for WHS and I predict a few of them will be giving campus tours when they go off to college in the next few years!  A special shout out to Junior Tommy Bellaire was our amazing MC and greeter.

Tommy Bel
Junior Tommy Bellaire

Sights and sounds around WHS this week:

image_01 (9)
WHS science students enjoying an enzyme lab with Mrs. Hardy and Dr. Guyer

NEASC Surveys:  As part of WHS’s NEASC re-accreditation process, we are surveying parents and students about their WHS experiences.  Parents and students will receive separate emails with the links to their respective surveys from Mr. Mahoney this week.  Please take just a few minutes to provide us with some valuable feedback about WHS. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance with this matter.

Who Is New at WHS:

image_01 (7)
Ms. Dench-Irish

Name: Cynthia Irish (aka Cynthia Dench-Irish)

What do you do at WHS? I am a long term substitute for Spanish, covering for Sra. Beauchesne.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Gloucester.

Where did you go to school or college? University of Mass., Amherst and Northeastern.

Why did you come to Winchester? I am retired from Wilmington Public Schools, but am still teaching Spanish part time and/or as a long term substitute.  I learned about an opening in Winchester and applied for it last spring.  I was very pleased to be offered the position.

What is one interesting fact?  This winter I hope to travel to Baja California Sur, Mexico to visit with the grey whales, who will have migrated from Alaska to give birth to their calves.

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read?  I last read Waking up White, by Debby Irving.

“Celling Your Soul”:  A film & discussion event.  Please join WHS as we continue the conversation about teen technology use and how to empower ourselves and young people to use strategies to live a more fulfilling, balanced life with social connections.

When: November 8, 2017 6:00-7:30 pm Where: WHS Library

The film will be followed by discussion with Joni Siani, producer of “Celling Your Soul”.  See this link for more information:  Celling Your Soul- November 2017

Multi-Cultural Network:  The Winchester Multi-Cultural Network is promoting the upcoming show “Rehearsal For Life” with the Urban Improve group.  Please see the link for more information:

Student Shoe Drive:  103.3 AMP Radio wants you to “Kick It With Liam Payne!” A Shoe drive to benefit the Big Brother and Big sister foundation, that will award the school who collects the most pairs of shoes with a VISIT and PERFORMANCE from Liam Payne! Now through November 10th there will be a collection box outside the main office for new and gently used shoes, boots, and sneakers to be donated. Time to clean out your closets!

Practice SAT and ACT:  Revolution Prep is holding practice SAT and ACT tests in Winchester.   The ACT is on October 21st, from 9:00-1:00.  The SAT is on October 28th from 9:00-1:00.  Contact Susan Wasser 617-206 3370 or

Or click here for more information:  Wincherster Practice Exams (1)

“Interrupting the Worry Cycle: Strategies for Managing Anxiety at School and Home”:  The Reading Memorial High School Guidance Department & Reading Coalition on Substance Abuse will be hosting a free parent and teacher workshop  “Interrupting the Worry Cycle: Strategies for Managing Anxiety at School and Home” featuring Lynn Lyons, author of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents at Reading Memorial High School on Tuesday, October 17th at 6:30pm.  Reading Memorial High School:  62 Oakland Road, Reading, MA

See this link for more information:  Lynn Lyons workshop flyer_Reading

10/18:  Later Start Times Committee meeting

10/25:  PSAT Testing @ WHS

10/26:  WHS Orchestra Concert

11/03: NHS Talent Show

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 5

Community Tours of WHS:  Come one, come all!  Interested in seeing the inside of the now completed NEW WHS?  Come to one of our Community Tours on either October 13th (4 PM to 6 PM) or October 14th (2 PM to 4 PM) for a student lead tour of The Winchester High School.  ANYONE, parents, future students, community members, visitors, alumni, will be welcome to attend.

Some moments from last week…

Mr. Buford and the WHS Chorus rehearsing!
image_02 (4)
WHS students enjoy the unseasonably warm fall weather by getting outside and using their new learning spaces.
image_01 (6)
Mr. Moriarty’s Intro to Computer Science class presenting their computer building research project.

SIC: The School Improvement Council, a mixture of faculty, students, parents and community members that help shape policy suggestions and works on the school improvement plan, will meet the morning of 10/12 in the Principal’s conference room at 6:45 AM.

Fall Concert with the WHS Orchestra:  Fall Orchestra and Winds, Oct. 26, 2017, 7:00 PM @ WHS.

10/10:  Picture Retake Day!

10/12:  School Improvement Council at 6:45 AM.

10/13-10/14:  Community Tours  10/13: 4-6 PM and 10/14: 2-4 PM

10/14:  PSAT Testing @ WHS

10/14:  Field Hockey car wash @ WHS

10/26:  WHS Orchestra Concert

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at  WHS Athletics Calendar

We hope to see you all at our Open House this weekend!

With respect,

– Dennis Mahoney






Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 4

Thank you to all parents and families who came out to our 2017-2018 WHS Open House.  We have received a lot of positive and supportive feedback about our message of kindness and school pride.   It was a wonderful evening as we were finally able to show off our new WHS and meet face to face with the parents of our students.  Our teachers and staff enjoyed the platform that allows them to show off all of the amazing plans they have for the year.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s teachers if you have a question about curriculum or course expectations.

Here are the slides from the parent presentation of our Open House for those who could not attend:  2017-2018 Open House Slides

Also, here is the “Parent Communication Tip Sheet” that we handed out to all parents:  Communication Tip Sheet

WHS Spanish Student Exchange Experience:


WHS finished up the first part of this year’s Spanish exchange on Friday. Thirty seven families and students hosted 34 students and 3 teachers from IES Marques de Suanzes in Madrid for two weeks. While the students were here they visited Boston and other local historical sites in addition to spending three days in New York City. While Friday’s goodbyes were full of tears, we know we’ll see each other again in February as WHS travels to Spain!

WHS students visit the Edward Kennedy Museum:

On Tuesday, September 29, the American Studies class, along with one section of the Senior Focus class, traveled to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate in Boston to participate in a simulation of the debate surrounding the historic “Compromise of 1850”, a compromise that led to California’s statehood, while further complicating the issue surrounding slavery in the United States.  Students were given the role of senators from the period and had the opportunity to participate in Senate subcommittees, caucus with like-minded senators and write up amendments to the bill that would be debated on the Senate floor.  Reenacting the debate in an almost exact replica of the Senate chambers in Washington, D.C., students embraced the chance to learn more about the law-making process.  After the trip, students said they gained a new appreciation for the complexity of crafting a bill.  However, they were able to successfully pass their measure with bipartisan support, providing a great example for our current Senate in Washington.

MIAA: Congratulations to all WHS student-athletes and coaches for the well earned 2017 MIAA Sportsmanship Honor Roll designation.

Who is new at WHS:

image_01 (4)
New Math Teacher Ms. Goodwin

Name: Phoebe Goodwin

What do you do at WHS? I teach Advanced Geometry.

Where did you grow up? Winchester

Where did you go to school or college? Connecticut College for undergrad. Simmons College for grad.

Why did you come to Winchester? My family was living in Tucson, AZ, and it became clear that my parents needed some attention here in Winchester, so we moved back to be closer to family.

What is one interesting fact? I used to live in The Gambia as a Peace Corps Volunteer, so I can speak two African languages reasonably well.

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read? I just finished reading My Father’s Dragon to my daughter today.

image_01 (3)
New Special Education Teacher  Ms. Falcone

Name: Kara Falcone

What do you do at WHS? Special Education Teacher & Student Liaison (Co-Teaching Chemistry and the Learning Center

Where did you grow up? Duxbury, MA

Where did you go to school or college? Lehigh University B.A. & Northwestern University M.S.Ed

Why did you come to Winchester? I was drawn to Winchester for its positive school culture; it has not let me down so far!

What is one interesting fact? Both of my grandmothers were teachers and my mom and my sister are both school social workers. I guess it’s in our blood!

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read? Yes! Please by Amy Poehler

10/2: The quarterly PFA at 7 PM in the Library Media Center and open to all

10/4: 2018 Parent Information Night: The WHS Guidance Dept. presents at 7 PM in the Library Media Center.

10/9: Columbus Day.  No School!

10/10:  Picture Retake Day!

10/13-10/14:  Community Tours  10/13: 4-6 PM and 10/14: 2-4 PM

The WHS Sports Schedule can be found at

Thank you everyone and have a great week.

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 3


The Annual Glen Doherty road race and fund raiser was this past Sunday, 9/23/17.    Our WHS Chorus was honored to be selected to sing the National Anthem at the road race.

The WHS Chorus warming up prior to the National Anthem

2017-2018 Open House  Our 2017-2018 WHS Open House is Thursday, September 28th, at 7 PM.  We are proud to say that this will be the first ‘Open House’ in our ‘New House’! We will begin promptly in the auditorium at 7 pm. Our teams and clubs will be set up in the dining commons for their traditional fundraising efforts. You can purchase all your 2017-2018 Sachem spirit gear from these groups! Worried about getting lost in the new WHS?  Our Student PALs will be available to guide you to your destinations. But, this is a great time to have a conversation with your student(s) at home and ask them to teach you the layout of the school and the pattern of their daily school day. We look forward to seeing you on September 28th at 7 PM!  Please know that we are aware of the conflict with the football game that evening.  The game was moved to accommodate the religious holiday observance.  The dates for Open House are set during the summer across the district and cannot be moved. With a big busy school with many events, conflicts are an unfortunate inevitability.  We try our best to avoid them, but they do occur.

Just in case that conversation doesn’t happen, here is a great “footprint” layout for you of our newly finished WHS.  This should help you navigate during our upcoming open house.

Color Map of the WHS First Floor

One last bit of kudos for our field hockey team, who was featured on channel 5 last night.

Community Tours of WHS:  Come one, come all!  Interested in seeing the inside of the now completed NEW WHS?  Come to one of our Community Tours  on either October 13th (4 PM to 6 PM) or October 14th (2 PM to 4 PM) for a student lead tour of The Winchester High School.  ANYONE, parents, future students, community members, visitors, alumni, will be welcome to attend.

WHS PFA  The Winchester Parent/Faculty Association (WHSPFA) is an active part of Winchester High School, and they want their communications to reach all families.  Each family can sign up to receive any or all of the following:

  • WHS E-blasts – events, information and announcements related specifically to WHS families.
  • Community News and Events emails – weekly round-up of events and announcements from the Winchester community.
  • Class of 20XX emails – class specific announcements.
  • Alumni emails – events or information that may be of interest to alumni.

If you are not currently receiving our emails or would like to update your profile in any way, please click constant contact sign up tools. Any questions regarding WHSPFA emails, please email

PSAT: The PSAT will be held on October 14th at Winchester High School. Forms will be handed out in the Physics classes to all Juniors today and tomorrow. Forms are also available at the front office. There are limited seats for Sophomores. If any sophomore is interested please contact Mrs. Chakladar. Due date for the form is October 6th. Completed forms should be handed in at the main office.

Who is new at WHS?

Mr. Dure

Name: Joël Duré

What do you do at WHS? I teach Spanish II and IV.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Haïti.

Where did you go to school or college? University of Illinois, the Sorbonne in Paris, France and Middlebury College in Middlebury VT.

Why did you come to Winchester? Fate had it that a Spanish position was open and I was available to share my knowledge and expertise.

What is one interesting fact? I lived and studied in most countries in Latin America.

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read? There is scarcely a passion without struggle ~Albert Camus

And our newest Front Desk Administrator:

image_01 (3)
Ms. Hanlon

Name: Marina Hanlon

What do you do at WHS? I am the Receptionist in the Main Office AKA “ The Face of WHS”

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Malden, but just recently moved to North Reading.

Where did you go to school or college? Salem State College

Why did you come to Winchester? I was previously at Everett High School, but looking for a new opportunity closer to my new home. Winchesters community is very welcoming and exciting to be apart of!

What is one interesting fact? I am a veteran National Championship Cheerleader (Malden Pop Warner and Pope John High School)

What is your favorite quote or what was the last book you read? The Couple Next Door By Shari Lapena


Sports Schedule

The WHS sports schedule can be found at

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney