2017-2018: Episode 28

Thank you to everyone who attended our very successful, and swift, commencement ceremony yesterday.  Thank you to our stellar music program for adding the sound and atmosphere to this event. A big thank you to our hard-working custodians for everything they do to make the event work. The list of what our custodians take care of behind the scenes before, during and after the event is staggering. Thank you for the PFA for the sandwiches, etc. from D’Agostinos. I totally regret that second, nervous-eater sandwich I had! Thank you so much to everyone for your support!

Lastly, a special thank you to Mrs. Gustin and Mr. Chapman. Mrs. Gustin and Mr. Chapman are the graduation ceremony masterminds. We may stand at the podium, but it’s only because they prop us up and get us to that moment. Mrs. Gustin and Mr. Chapman have a system down to a very successful formula that may seem so simple to the untrained eye, but there are hours, days and weeks of effort that lead up to this event and it’s their sheer hard work, coordination and love of WHS that make it all go. Thank you!

Graduation End 2018

We have a number of pictures from some of our events from last week. We also have all of the speeches from our 2018 Commencement for your reading enjoyment:

Principal’s speech to the Class of 2018: 2018 Graduation Speech

NHS President’s speech: NHS President Andrew Ark

Student Council President’s speech: Student Council President David Joseph

Class President’s speech: Class President Mark Bacon

Faculty Address: 2018 Faculty Address Katie Pickett

The 2018 Promenade:


The Lynchy’s Return!:

Some of our WHS staff attending graduation!

2018 Grad Faculty

Science MCAS Schedule: 2018 Science MCAS

2018 Final Exam Schedule: Please follow this link for the the schedule: 2018 Final Exams

Upcoming Calendar Items:

6/4 Final PFA meeting of the year, WHS Library Media Center

6/6-6/7 Science MCAS for all freshman

6/8 Social Studies 9th Grade World Empires Bazaar

WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading!

Dennis Mahoney



Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 27

Welcome back readers!

On Friday, May 25, the Social Studies department welcomed guest speakers for our 10th grade World History II and 11th grade US History classes as part our annual Living History Day program.  During each of the periods, students had the opportunity to hear from speakers who helped to make the history they are learning about come alive.  Winchester’s own Mr. Paul Masi regaled students about his time in Alaska with one of the native tribes, highlighting stories about cultural traditions and whale hunting.  One of the best received speakers was Mrs. Anna Ornstein, pictured below, who shared her, and her family’s, stories of being imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Nazi government.  Her stories of perseverance riveted the students.

Anna Ornstein
Mrs. Anna Ornstein

Other speakers included Tufts University professor Alex de Waal, pictured below, who talked about his work as the director of the World Peace Foundation (started by Winchester’s own Edwin Ginn in 1892) and his decades-long study of famine throughout the globe.  Ms. Sotheany Leap spoke about her parents’ trials and tribulations at the hands of Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rouge regime and their eventual relocation to the United States. At the end of the day, Ms. Deb Fowler spoke about her time in the army before the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy had been established and how that ultimately set her on a path towards teaching and advocacy for greater inclusion of LGBTQ content in school curriculum.

Alex de Waal

Overall, the eighth year of the Social Studies department’s Living History Day program once again reminded students that the words of William Faulkner continue to ring true – “The past is not dead.  It is not even past.”

Thank you to Mr. Chris Kurhajetz for this write up and thank you to the entire history department for their efforts with this even.

2018 Final Exam Schedule: Please follow this link for the the schedule: 2018 Final Exams

WHS Rocks! Class of 2019’s Scott Clewley played an awesome “Hendrix-like” guitar rendition of the National Anthem at the ALS volleyball game.

The following link will take you to a video version of our Class of 2018 talking about their experience at WHS:

Online Red & Black: The latest addition of the online Red & Black is now out:

Summer Enrichment: Please follow this link to the WPS Summer Enrichment programs. We have a number of offerings that are designed to support current and incoming WHS students.

Physics is Phun: Below are some pictures of a very cool, student lead, physics class last week. Ms. Angus gave her students a topic, sound waves or light waves, and then let them design their learning and experiments. Some of the projects focused on how sound travels, how to send  sound by using light, optical illusions, how to make a throw projector by using your cell phone and more!

WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading! Only 3 blogs left for the school year!

Dennis Mahoney






2017-18: Episode 26

Hello all and welcome back to the blog!

Our apologies as we had technical difficulties posting the blog on Monday. We hope you enjoyed the weekend and a congratulations to all Royal Super Fans out there. We hear Meghan and Harry had a beautiful ceremony in Windsor.

Last week was the final week of classes for our Class of 2018 students. It is always interesting to see how crazy they are all year to leave or how much they tell us they are done and don’t want to be here…and yet they seem to always hang around a little bit longer or look a tensy bit more vulnerable than they act when the days start ticking down to single digits. I believe that what it really means is that they know we have taken good care of them. They know how much we love them, and they know that WHS will always be a special and safe place in their hearts. They may never say it, although it’s so gratifying when they do, but they know we love them. Last Friday, some of our students did take the time to share some amazingly relevant thoughts on their way out. These quotes really hit home when I read them. We are doing it right, and we do make a lasting impact:  Seniors Give Advice

Below are some pictures of the just some of the happenings during Senior Week:

And my personal favorite picture of the week:

Jack McPadden and Stefano Mitsakis

We have a MAJOR week this week. It’s Senior Finals Week, we have our visit from NEASC and the sophomore MATH MCAS! Why have a simple week when you can get some of the year end heavy hitters done before Memorial Day?!

WGL: The Winchester Got Lunch program is looking for student volunteers on Mondays this summer. No commitment necessary, sign up for the days you are available. Please visit the link below if you would like more information or to sign up. Students can also see contact Ms. Beauchesne in the World Languages department ( with general questions about the program. WGL Student Volunteers

WHS Student Achievement: Congratulations to WHS juniors Grace Bermejo and Elizabeth Rozmanith for being selected to the 2018 Art All-States. AAS brings together 144 high school juniors from across the state for an intense two-day art making experience facilitated by professional artists. On June 8 & 9 they will collaborate on an art installation on the campus of UMass Dartmouth. During the program, students will work in groups to explore contemporary art and use their newfound knowledge to inspire their collaborative work. This picture shows Grace’s sculpture and Elizabeth’s 3D face – both from the Motion project in Junior Honors Art.

2018artall statepic

Also, congratulations to senior student/artist Matthew Jens, who won first place in the Congressional Art Competition for the 5th District of Massachusetts. He will be going to Washington D.C. for the national awards ceremony in June, and his artwork will be displayed in the US Capitol building for a year.


Senior Events + Expectations: All major senior events 2018 and the  Senior family presentation.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

NEASC Collaborative Visit (May 21-22)

MATH MCAS (May 23-24)

5/23: Junior Awards Night, 7PM WHS AUD

5/24: World Language Award Night, 7PM WHS AUD

Memorial Day Weekend!

WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for reading and enjoy each day this week!

Dennis Mahoney



2017-2019: Episode 25

Hello all and welcome back to the blog. This is the Class of 2018’s final week of classes at WHS! We hope that this week is fun but also safe and respectful at the same time. We know that many of our students are ready to blow off some steam after putting in four hard working years. However, the school must still operate as usual and we want all of our students to be safe and to continue making good decisions. We hope that everyone is able to support our students in continuing to be the great kids we all know they are!

SHAghouse: The WHS Senior Honors Art (SHA) students are preparing for their final exhibition.   The show opening will be Monday the 14th. A reception will be held that night from 5:30-7:30 PM for friends and family and the show will be up through the 18th in room C111.

austin powers SHA poster

ENKA Fair: The ENKA fair is this weekend. Please remember that this will affect travel and parking for everyone. Please plan for this impact and come early, car pool or get the WHS by other means. We are happy to support our friends and family who are involved in this great weekend!

NEASC Team: Our visiting team for NEASC will be the following professional educators from across Massachusetts: Alyson Geary, Maryanne Ouellet, Melinda Lohan and Patricia Puglisi. NEASC will be visiting WHS on Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd for a Collaborative Conference. Students, staff and community members have been contacted for interviews and discussions. This will be NEASC’s first official visit. In October of 2019 we will have a much bigger NEASC visit and we will be sending out a larger request for community interviews and support.

CTC Guest Lecture Night Event: Monday, 7 PM May 21st. Many of our students have enjoyed working in the CTC this year and attending the workshop/lecture series sponsored by the Winchester Savings Bank. Now there is a chance for all in the community to experience one of those lectures. Next Monday, WHS will welcome Jared Mezzochi. Working at the intersection of art and technology, Mezzocchi is an award winning theater designer and storyteller. Be our guest as Jared tells a story of family, loss and rebirth using technology that turns a simple lecture into a compelling performance. His highly viewed TEDX talk offers a preview of what to expect at WHS. Thanks to Winchester Savings Bank and the Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence for believing in our students.

Jared Mezzochi
Jared Mezzochi, visiting lecturer

Strawberry Pops:  Last Thursday our WHS music staff and students put on the annual Strawberry Pops concert. This year we happily returned outside as students performed on the WHS amphitheater steps and listeners sat barefoot and in lawn chairs on the grass. It was a wonderful evening and a thank you to Mrs. and Mr. Costello and Mr. Bufford!

Strawberry Pops
The 2018 Strawberry Pops!

WHS Student Achievement: Please say congratulations to WHS senior Ricardo Gayle Jr. if you see him. Ricardo won a major scholarship from the National ABC program as an ABC Scholar and will attend MIT in the fall. Ricardo left home as a freshman, leaving Philadelphia, to move to Winchester hoping that attending WHS would help him achieve his goal. We are proud to say “Goal Achieved!” as Ricardo will attend MIT in the fall. Thank you to everyone in our fantastic Winchester community who helped Ricardo achieve his dream!

Ricardo Gayle
Ricardo Gayle Jr.

WHS Italian students visit the North End: Ciao from Boston’s historic North End! Thank you to Mrs. Tirone for taking her students to Boston’s North End for a student exploration of Italian culture!


Senior Events + Expectations: All major senior events 2018 and the  Senior family presentation.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

5/14-5/18: SHAghose in room C111

5/16: Senior Awards: WHS Aud @ 7PM

5/18: ENKA Fair

5/24: K-12 Choral Concert @ 7, Congregational Church

NEASC Collaborative Visit (May 21-22)

MATH MCAS (May 23-24)

WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar

Enjoy each day this week and thank you for reading!

– Dennis Mahoney



2017-2018: Episode 24

Hello all and welcome back to the blog. We have a lot of updates here today for you and we hope you enjoy all of the amazing things going on at WHS.

W.I.N. Survey Update: We have surveyed the students, grades 9-11, and they have overwhelmingly endorsed running W.I.N. Block for next year. Therefore, with 88% student support and 84% faculty support, we will plan to move forward and put W.I.N. into our schedule for next year. There were some interesting ideas from faculty and students, and we will work on those ideas this summer to see what type of tweaks and additions we can make.

Student Survey Response to W.I.N. Block

We had a great Class of 2020 Dance last Friday night at WHS! Thank you to all who chaperoned this event.

2020 Dance 18

Senior Events + Expectations: All major senior events 2018 and the  Senior family presentation.


Boys Volleyball:  Our Boys Volleyball team held their 2nd Annual Spike Out ALS volleyball match.  Scott Clewley, a junior guitarist, played the National Anthem before the Varsity match begins. WHS swept Lexington High School in the matches and all proceeds went to ALS ONE.


WHS Biology students and Dr. Geyer take advantage of the nice weather to run a food web activity outside. The idea was proposed and led by class of 2021’s Molly Kuszewski!

WHS NHS and Criminal Justice Club: WHS NHS members and the WHS Criminal Justice Club assisted the Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community and WPD with the spring Med Take Back last week.  317 pounds of unused, expired and unwanted medication from our community were collected. This brings the total collected up to 5,449 lbs since 2008.  All medications were accounted for by the DEA and environmentally incinerated by the end of the collection day.


Honors Photography: Last Thursday our Honors Photography students were joined by advanced photography students from Burlington High School for the final leg of their Photosynthesis journey which culminated in a joint exhibition at the Griffin Museum. This final visiting artist workshop was with Dr. Alison Nordstrom, founding Director/Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography in Florida and world renowned expert, who critiqued each student’s oeuvre to guide the final selection of work for the exhibit.

Photosynthesis XIII

WHS Latin Club: Last week our WHS Latin Club placed 4th out of 18 schools at the annual Massachusetts Junior Classical League State Convention at Barnstable Regional High School. Students competed academically, artistically and civically over 48 hours. Highlights included chariot races, a giant Kahoot!, and the traditional toga parade. Latin Club members Emma Chasse and Emily Lee won first prize for their interpretation of Hades and Persephone.


Multicultural Network:  Please see the attached flyer for a community conversation for this Saturday, May 12. This conversation/workshop seems pretty interesting and focuses on listening.



Upcoming Calendar Items:
5/7-5/18: AP Exams
5/7+5/10: Spring Town Meeting, WHS Aud
5/9: Strawberry Pops, 6:30 in the WHS Dining Commons
5/11: Early Release, Staff Appreciation Luncheon @ China Sky
5/11: Junior class dance @ 7 PM, Town Hall
5/11: WHS Choral Concert @ 7, WHS Aud
Coming soon: NEASC Collaborative Visit (May 21-22) and the MATH MCAS (23-24)
WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar

Thank you for checking in this week and enjoy the day!

Dennis Mahoney




2017-2018: Episode 23

Welcome back to the blog and thank you for continuing to check in. Well, it’s about that time of year now when we gear up for near nightly events while juggling AP exams, Math and Science MCAS (May and June), our 1st NEASC collaborative team visit and more! Please see this link for a timeline of all major senior events. The events started with Mr. WHS, but this Wednesday night we begin to kick into gear with our Senior family presentation where we cover all of the expectations and timelines leading up to graduation.

We ran our first successful whole school ALiCE drill last week at WHS. Thank you again to our community for supporting our efforts in helping our students stay safe here and beyond our walls. Please know that it was a full community effort (see attached picture) with support from the WPD, WFD and our district Incident Management Team (IMT)

ALiCE Prep

WHS staff member and WHS alum Kristen Woollam (wearing red) was a leader in this process and we commend her efforts. Sgt. Perenick oversaw the entire drill and was the point person for all of the community groups that were involved. Thank you Mrs. Woollam and

W.I.N. Block Pilot Student Survey: 84% of staff who responded to a staff survey said YES to bringing W.I.N. Block back for next year. We currently have a student survey out to grades 9-11. Please remind your student(s) that if they have not responded to the survey yet (245 responses currently @ 88% yes) that they should check their school email and respond to the survey. We will close this survey out at the end of the week and share the information with staff, students and families. See Link: W.I.N. Block Student Survey

WHS Botball: Congratulations to the WHS Botball team and Mr. Kacamburas for their dominating win this weekend at UMASS Lowell! See team picture below.


Italian Students Win! Congratulations to Jack Degnan, Giacomo Cantoni, David Williams and Georgia Hoffman! Their fantastic “short movie” (in Italian) won first prize in the 2017 Italian Heritage Contest! This year there were more than 200 submissions. See pictures below.

JSA: Our Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) had a successful weekend in Stamford Connecticut at Spring State. 11 WHS Students participated in debates and civic discussions with over 300 students from New England and New York. Heemakshi Deka won a best Best Speaker Award. Thank you Mrs. Troiano for chaperoning. Team picture below.

JSA Spring 18

Winchester Got Lunch: On behalf of all kids in our community, Winchester Got Lunch is collecting Canned Tuna the entire month of May at Winchester High School! StarKist, Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, Tuna in a can, one- maybe three? Whatever you can donate, bring it in to School, the WGL Kids will think you’re super cool! THANK YOU!!!

Upcoming Calendar Items:

5/2: Senior Parent Night @ 7 in the WHS Aud

5/3: Spring Chorus Concert @ 7 in the WHS Aud

5/4: Jazzfest @ 7 in the WHS Aud

5/5: SAT’s

5/7: Beginning AP Exams

WHS Sports Schedule:  WHS Athletics Calendar
Thank you for checking in. Enjoy each day this week!

Dennis Mahoney



2017-2018: Episode 22

Hello! And welcome back to the WHS blog! Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming April vacation. We hope that our students take the time to unwind, decompress, get outside and have some fun.

ALiCE Drill + Video Update: The following letter, with slides and video, has gone out to all WHS students and families ALiCE Student and Family Letter

Massachusetts State History Day Competition at Winchester High SchoolThis past Saturday, over 300 middle and high school students competed in the 2018 Massachusetts State History Day competition at Winchester High School.   Student projects in exhibit, historical paper, website, performance and documentary categories were all based on this year’s theme “Conflict and Compromise in History”.  WHS students Beaujena Stoyanchev (Individual Website), Grace McCafferty (Individual Performance), Shreya Nair (Individual Documentary), Christopher Parsons (Individual Documentary) and Robert Sucholeiki and William Niu (Group Website) competed in this year’s event.  Grace McCafferty won an Honorable Mention award and Robert Sucholeiki and William Niu won 1st place in their category.  As a result of Robert and William’s win, they have advanced to be a part of the Massachusetts contingent at the National History Day competition in June in College Park, Maryland.  Congratulations to all of the students who competed this Saturday, as well as all of the WHS students who took part in the project this year.  Thank you, as well, to Ms. Donahue, Mr. Lee and Dr. Spencer for guiding their students through the process.

La giornata dell’italiano 2018 images:

WHS wins 1st place at today’s Giornata dell”italiano (Italian Day) at Northeastern University! Ms. Mathews’ class performed an original skit based on Dante’s Inferno. Mrs. Ferretto’s class did one based on Purgatorio + Mrs. Tirone class did one on Paradiso. Complimenti! Bravo!

Our WHS Building Project: A brief retrospective. SMMA has put out a recent press piece that reviews the history of the WHS building project. It is a pretty nice little piece:  The NEW WHS: A Final Look

Winchester Got Lunch and WHS Gives Back: WGL and WHSGB are teaming up this month and doing a food drive for canned ravioli / /spaghettios  throughout the month of April. WGL provides lunches each week to over 60 families within our community during the summer. Please bring your donations to the box in front of the main office.

If you know a WHS student who wants to get involved, and is interested in volunteering on Monday mornings during the summer please contact Mrs. Beauchesne at It is an easy and quick way to get community service hours and give back to your community.

Financial Literacy Fair Review: The Social Studies department at Winchester High School held a Financial Literacy Fair on Wednesday April 4 in the gym.  The entire junior class attended. Students got to learn about real life skills, such as interviewing for a job, buying a new car, or deciding whether to save or spend their extra income, in preparation for the world beyond college graduation.  Students had to make a series of choices and activities concerning work, housing, transportation, financial basics, and discretionary spending, and had to have a positive balance at the end of the simulation. Many parents volunteered, as did the members of the staff of Winchester Savings Bank.  Overall, the Fair was a success!


During the Fair, WHS held the finals of its inaugural Entrepreneurship Challenge.  The winner was Freshman Dhwani Sreenivas for her project Hydrevo, a bio-degradable plastic-like material that can be used for six-pack rings.  Congratulations to Dhwani!

Thank you for reading and enjoy vacation!

Dennis Mahoney




2017-2018: Episode 21

Welcome to April! Quarter 3 ends this week and we have two weeks to go until a much needed vacation. We are rounding the corner into that home stretch now with our seniors who have about 30 days left at good old WHS.

Our ELA MCAS are out of the way for the year and our two large group spaces (LG’s) were a real added value to the testing. Our Math MCAS will be coming in May for sophomores. Please know that we have been been mandated by the state to have 25% of students in the sophomore class to take the online version of the MCAS. The 25% is randomly selected by DESE. The good news is that this sophomore class has taken the online MCAS before and this mandate is really only a new experience for WHS and not the students. We will be sending out more information regarding this testing initiative soon.

ALiCE: Our student created ALiCE safety training video is almost complete. We will share this video out to all students and families before the end of this week. We do plan on running a drill sometime during the week before April vacation. We will continue to make information available as we have it.

S.I.L.S.: A BIG Congratulations to Anna Flaherty and Garen Meguerditchian for being the 2017-2018 winners of the Middlesex League’s S.I.L.S. Award. S.I.L.S. stands for service, integrity, leadership and spirit. Each school is allowed to have faculty members award two winners each year and this year’s winners are very deserving! Personally, I have very much enjoyed working with Anna and Garen as leaders at WHS. Their handwork, positive and selfless attitudes are remarkable and a great example for all.

Garen and Anna

*NEW* W.I.N. Block Gaming Offering: Next week we will be implementing a new weekly offering for students who enjoy games and puzzles. We will be organizing a room for chess, mahjong, board games, puzzles, games like Magic the Gathering and more. Students are welcome to bring their own games and donations to the room are welcome. This is not an electronic game area. If you would like to donate games or puzzles please feel free to bring them to the main office. This room will be staffed by volunteer PFA members. The location is TBD.

Bio-Tech Field Trip Review: Dr. Mozell had her Bio-Tech students visit e-Genesis last week. e-Genesis is a small biotech firm in Cambridge. The purpose of the trip was for the students to experience a real world day in a biotech company and to talk to scientists and others about their career paths. The real fun of the trip was the opportunity to “play” with all of the cool equipment used in the lab.  Please see the group picture below. Actions shots in the lab were unfortunately not allowed.


Massachusetts Water Resources Authority: Congratulations, Elina Chen is the 1st Place Winner in the MWRA’s Annual Poster Contest. Elina and Mrs. Chakladar have been invited to an awards ceremony to be held at Deer Island on the morning of May 25th, 2018.  Please see Elina’s art work below!


Upcoming Calendar Items:

4/4: Spring Band and Strings Gr. 3-12 Concert: 6:30 @ WHS Aud

4/4: Desert Dog Fundraiser: Library Media Center

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 20

It’s ELA MCAS week! The schedule will be adjusted for Tuesday-Thursday to accommodate testing.  Please see this link for the schedule.  Please note that there will be NO W.I.N. block this week because of MCAS testing.

Mr. WHS Review: Congratulations to our new Mr. WHS 2018 Kyle Roche! What a wonderful event last night in front of a completely sold out crowd. The kids all did a great job and really put themselves out there. Thank you to Dot Butler for all of her time and effort that she spent putting this very fun event together.


Red and Black Online: The March Issue of the Red & Black is online, including five scenes from Legally Blonde.

Financial Literacy Fair, April 4th: The Social Studies department will host a Financial Literacy Fair for all Grade 11 students on the morning of Wednesday, April 4. This Fair will introduce students to the financial basics of post-graduation life. The areas, activities, and volunteer discussions are designed to take students through the steps of what they would have to accomplish on a monthly basis in the adult world.

The fair will run from 8.42 to 10.40 AM in the WHS gym.

The Class of 2021 Dance: 200+ students attended their first WHS dance at Town Hall last Friday night. It was a great night and the dancing was pretty impressive!


Tufts Biomedical Engineering visits WHS students: Last week, Sergio Fantini, a professor of Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University visited Ms. Ferretto’s AP Italian classes.  Professor Fantini lectured about his program and research work entirely in the Italian to our students. Here is the professor’s online bio:

WHS students team up with students from Boston University: The engineering outreach program from Boston University visited WHS last Friday. Melissa Lutchen’s Advanced Pre-calculus students worked with the student engineers from B.U. to complete an airplane design activity which focused on the experimental design process and statistical analysis.

The students shot paper airplanes at different angles in order to determine which angle was optimal for the airplane to consistently land 50 inches away.  The students then reflected on their methods and calculated the standard deviation and variance to determine which angle yields the most consistent results. Check out the attached pictures!

WHS ALiCE Video, UPDATE: Mr. Moriarty’s students, along with SRO Perenick’s Criminal Justice club students, will continue filming scenes for our own WHS ALiCE training video. The students have completed some of the background video work.. The rest of the video will be done this coming Saturday morning and with ample warning/preparation. This video will be used prior to our upcoming ALiCE drill. We are trying to put together a drill before April vacation.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

3/27-3/29: ELA MCAS for Gr. 10

Thank you for reading!

Dennis Mahoney


Team WHS

2017-2018: Episode 19

whs -Snow Day

Welcome back readers,

No more snow days! The calendar says that Tuesday, 3/20, is the first day of spring. Although there seems to be yet another weather pattern threatening us with more snow I will remain positive and enthusiastic that Spring means SPRING!!! The good weather is coming. Believe!

After working with our student class officers, grades 9 through 12, we are potentially still marching this Wednesday, 3/21, during our W.I.N. Block. Please see this link for more information. Potential Walkout/March Info: 3/21

WHS ALiCE Video: This Wednesday, and over the next few weeks, Mr. Moriarty’s class, along with SRO Perenick’s Criminal Justice club students, will be filming scenes for our own WHS ALiCE training video. The students will only be doing the background video work and there should be no cause for alarm. The rest of the video will be done over a Saturday morning and with ample warning/preparation. This video will be used prior to our upcoming ALiCE drill. We are trying to put together a drill before April vacation. More info will come soon.

The WHS Mathletes: Congratulations to the math team on placing second at the March math meet, and third overall for the season! The team will next be competing at the state finals in April. Thank you to Mr. Lucas and Mr. Bond for guiding our students into the finals. Keep achieving!


CTC Lecture Series: Please join us to welcome Kinetic Artist Chris Fitch who is leading a CTC Lecture next Wednesday, March 21 from 9:30-10:30 AM during W.I.N. Block on How Puppeteering Has Influenced the Foundation of Computer Science.  We have the auditorium for this event, so please join us and encourage your students to come meet Chris.


Thanks for your support!

Juul one sheet: Have you been hearing a lot about vaping/juuling? Have you wanted to know what a “Juul” typically looks like and what it does? Please follow this link to important information on Juuling. JUUL

Fundraiser for the Class of 2018: Yoga Mandala & Core Elements invite you to join us in inspiring Spring with an evening of Community to benefit the Winchester High School graduating class of 2018: Jenine Wright (of FitLife) will help us glean a little more about what it means to ‘eat clean’ and how to be mindful from the inside out about what our bodies like and don’t. Change a few products on your shopping list, understand more about what food labels and ingredients are really saying and be mindful of the products that end up in your body–what foods are worth all the fuss, and which are causing havoc.


PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE HERE so we know to expect you! THANK YOU!

Your registration of $25 (per family) will go directly to support the WHS graduating class of 2018.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

3/23: 9th Grade Dance @ 7 PM

3/22: School Improvement Council

3/22: Community Conversations

3/25: Mr. WHS @ 7 PM

3/27-3/29: ELA MCAS for Gr. 10

Thank you for reading. Enjoy the week!


Dennis Mahoney